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  1. Yes, they are claiming this is an LBA, and I do not have the NTD or NTK
  2. I received a letter from "The Miah Solicitors" debt recovery team about their client UKCPS. The details are: I parked out of a marked bay in a when visiting a friend who lives in a zone controlled by UKCPS, they put a ticket which I picked up on the windscreen. I parked in early 2015. The charge is £100, £25 UKCPS administration fee, and £150 legal costs. They also state in the letter "The supreme court ruled on 4th November 2015 that charges for parking on private land are enforceable, you should therefore arrange to make payment..." I have the following to say in my defence, which although waffley might contain something useful. I am unemployed. I was visiting a friend. There was no-where else to park, he directed me where to leave my car, which was on the "double yellow" lines, and agreed to park there as he said everyone ignores their tickets. I was not blocking anyone from moving through the car park, getting in our out of their space, or taking up a residents space so it was actually the least obstructive place to park. Outside the residents compound the nearest parking was over a mile away, so where do they expect visitors to go? My friend didn't have any visitor tickets, and I'm not sure if they provide them. I have ignored all letters up to this point and am considering talking to a solicitor about it. I have a few days to make contact before they send more threatening letters about me visiting a friend who is surrounded by their enforcers. Do you have any advice?
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