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  1. Hi All Ive had a response back from central trust and its along the following lines. They say majority of the charges where pre Oct 2009 so are statue barred and i can't do nothing about them. From Oct 2009 to Oct 2010 there was £350 off charges to the account and i brought the account up to date Dec 2010 and its been okay since then. They say the charges they charge are what they cost them and no profit is made, therefore they are in the terms and conditions and so are ok. They say the simple interest is what they are allowed to charge and all lenders do
  2. Hi all i would like some advice on my next course of action. In Sep 2006 i took out a second mortgage for £16k with central trust and the payments are £237 per month over 10 years. Between approx 2008-2010 i was off sick for a while and then in-between jobs and this resulted in me falling behind with all the bills. I would sometime pay late by a few weeks and sometimes miss a month and catch up the month after. This happened until January 2011 when i paid my arrears off and have never missed a payment since. During the missed payment times i was never more than 3 mo
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