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  1. Yes we are both employed but wages barely cover the bills will I be able to open a joint claim if the single claim is under investigation we rent from council
  2. I suffer with depression and the relationship is still being worked on, one minute he's here then he dissappears for a week, with 4 kids and trying to hold the family together I just completely forgot to change it. I know that's no excuse to forget something as important as that and it was stupid and a general mistake
  3. Hi thank u for the reply it's just under £8k I've got 4 kids, I was paying £1000 a month out on the house bills as they where coming out of my account still after the split so I didn't even notice the money. The only mail I had from Ct was when I originally made the single claim as nothing else changed Do I need to ring child tax myself and inform them of the mistake even though it's being investigated by concentrix As far as I know about concentrix they have been hired my hmrc to investigate
  4. Me and my partner split up in March s I rang child tax and changed my circumstances to single, we decided to get back together and give it another go at the end of april, I stupidly and god knows how forgot to change the claim and had a letter from concentrix telling me that the are investigating me, I completely held my hands up and admitted I forgot to change the claim sent in the paperwork that they required, could someone inform me what's going to happen to me, I've never stolen anything in my life and I'm petrified about what's going to happen
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