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  1. No, not showing at all. It's from an address I last lived at in march 2009. Noddle hold address links for me back to 2004!
  2. I only found out about it a couple of years back and it'll be gone forever in December i don't think its worth the hassle at the mo'. Incidentally, it doesn't show on my experian or equifax report and only on my Noddle report via a linked address. Would a potential lender even see it if they didn't subscribe to Callcredit?
  3. I've previously experienced a claim served to a previous address on purpose (i'd moved two years previous, and they knew it), all for a paltry £270+costs. This has blighted my credit for the last five years hence why i'm keen to get this one put to bed
  4. Claim is due to stay today. I'm 100% the alleged debt is SB and the documentation I was sent by the original creditor is proof positive that no payments have been made in a full seven years. I think Cabot will be under the impression that the debt isn't SB as Black Horse finally wrote off the debt and sold the rights on five years ago. This will explain why the first I heard about it I received five years worth of annual statements from Cabot in the sane envelope. They've shot themselves in the foot as the figures on these statements and the amount of the claim
  5. If I have an absolute defence how to I prevent the claim from being stayed indefinitely?
  6. I will do. Is Moneyclaimonline normally updated with the status? That's how I replied to the claim and entered my defence
  7. Received a letter from dlc today in response to my cca request. They don't have the documents, but will endeavour to send me then when they're available (or contact me again in 21days). I'm not going to chase them. And neither am I going to hold my breath lol
  8. Thought i'd best update this thread. Restons were as good as their word and did indeed issue a claim via Northampton County Court. I sent DLC a CCA request which they duly ignored, and also a letter to Restons informing them of SB status and inviting them to withdraw the claim. They've also chosen not to respond, but as both letters were sent 'signed for' that doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of things. I also spoke with Black Horse, the original creditor and they were really helpful and sent me copies of documentation which DLC/Restons clearly aren't in
  9. Is it also worth sending a 'prove it' letter to Restons to slow things?
  10. Cheers Dx, you've put my mind at rest a bit. This is a particularly important one for me as I thought I'd left this all behind me. My credit record will be clear again in April (my final ccj from the bad times drops off), it's vitally important for me to avoid court. This one has gone from Hillesden checking my credit file to solicitors letter in three months. Is it worth me speaking to Black Horse to get a date for the default so I've got a cast iron statute barred defence, just in case?
  11. You're correct. It doesn't say 'will' as such. It says that if payment isn't received in full by the 25th November they have been instructed to issue proceedings in the County Court. It also states what they'll be claiming. That to me sounds like a statement of intent (just without the usual wording). I haven't dealt with Restons myself but from what I've read they like to carry out what I'd normally dismiss as an idle threat
  12. Thanks for the quick response. The only way it could be anything other that SB is if Black Horse or DLC have created a fictitious payment. The statements that DLC sent prove nothing has been paid to the account for at least five of the six and a half years since the car went back. I think my default notice was sent to me a couple of months before that. I genuinely though this one was dead and buried a long time ago Do I remove the without prejudice from the SB letter, as If it does end up going to Court, this will form part of my defence?
  13. Hi all I've received a rather threatening letter from Restons Solicitors which has my head spinning. I know I need to calm down and respond correctly, I'm hoping you can assist Restons have sent me a letter saying they have been instructed by their Client Cabot Financial (Marlin) Limited to seek immediate payment etc etc they are demanding £3476.42 by the 25th of this month or they'll issue proceedings. They state they have previously notified me that they have acquired the rights to the account and are such entitled to receive payment. The first I heard about this
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