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  1. Thanks for that ericsbrother and silverfox, I did think they were at it. Can you say if TNC are in breach of their codes because of the dates and time limits they gave or are they just really at it. I hope it's not a ploy for a back door CCJ.
  2. Morning guys. Received a letter last night from TNC headed " notice of intention to advise client to issue summons ". It is postmarked 20/11/2015 giving me 7 days to pay up or else they will advise their client (Armtrac) to instigate immediate court action, warning me of the possible consequences. I am surmising this is not an lba and can ignore it. I just love how they have given me 7 days to reply when the time limit was up the day I received the letter. It's just like the last letter dated 9/11/2015 which was giving me 28 days to respond. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi armadillo, having real problems with my tech stuff, can I type out the letters for you. Can you confirm I must leave dates in. Thanks
  4. Thanks armadillo 71, you are now talking technology. Can someone guide me through process of uploading pictures to the site . Thanks
  5. Thanks for that ericsbrother, Any thoughts on points 2,4 and 5. I only contacted the agents as I have no contact for the owners. I was outlining how unfair I thought this pcn was and asking them to consider revoking it.
  6. Hi armadillo 71, I did not actually say I was the driver but the inference could be made because of the wording. I have just had an e mail back from the agent of the owner, basically saying that because a permit was not displayed, the parking company was only acting as contracted and they say they cannot have the ticket revoked. Can I ask a few basic questions which I think I have taken from several threads. 1. Who has the actual power to take you to court, i.e. CCJ 2 is it always the case that two separate times must be quoted on the NTK 3. As regards signage
  7. Thanks for that stockbroker, I have been reading many threads and my head is spinning but a big glass of the Scottish water has helped. I think the wording of the appeal I made makes it obvious I was the driver. My intention at present is to write to the owner of the flat for their help. I have several other questions to post which I hope to do later today but thanks in the meantime
  8. Sorry I forgot to say regarding the appeal email, I know they did not reply within the stipulated time, but they claim they did not receive it but it's strange they answered every other e mail I sent, sometimes within hours
  9. Hi there, thanks for your help. The ticket was issued on 7/6/2015 Email appeal to armtrac on 18/6/2015 (no reply) Notice to keeper letter from armtrac dated 31/7/2015 Letter sent by me to them asking about appeal dated 6/8/2015 Letter from Amtrak stating no appeal received dated 12/8/2015 and also 14 days extension to pay £60 're transmission of appeal e mail sent 19/8/2015 Appeal rejected 20/8/2015 Various emails sent between 24th and 26th August requesting various info including asking for copy of contract with landowner and also losses incurred. All r
  10. Thanks for that Silverfox. I have read that pofa doesn't apply in Scotland. Hope someone can confirm that.
  11. Can I also ask anyone the legality of the parking notice not being attached to the windscreen. The ticket was placed on my drivers side window. I was under the impression it was only legal to attach tickets to windscreen Thanks again
  12. Thank you. I got an on screen ticket in June after my permit fell of dash. I had booked a holiday for two weeks in an apartment block with allocated parking space and an electronic key for car park entry. Permit was in flat and signs everywhere 're the contract stuff and rules and regs for parking. I stupidly went down the appeals route with them only to get rejected. I did ask for copy of their authority from landowners but they refused quoting data protection laws. They did not reply to my appeal at first. I got the notice to keeper letter in July and I wrote back asking about my appeal and
  13. Hi, this is my first post. I am looking for advice regarding a parking charge notice I received from Armtrac services whilst on holiday in Cornwall. I'm not sure if this is the right page to do so. Without going into detail can someone point me in the right direction for advice. Thanks
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