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  1. Yeh at the moment I've given it to the computer tech people to remove any virus and put a anti virus on it!!! Do you think this could be the reason??
  2. Yh they have, I've logged into my account and seeing over 9emails from the gambling site one says thanks for the verification.... And the rest was confirmation of amount withdrawn!!! I really don't know what to do and scared as is stressful I have never ever had any problems with banks or anyone so really don't know what to do!!
  3. Yeh I have used it in past, I have also used it from different computers as well!!!paypal I only use it to buy goods from eBay and Amazon, I think biggest transaction was about £40 from amazon!!!!
  4. I have never gambled I've given my all my bank statement to them to prove that I don't gamble!!! I really don't know why it was a genuine mistake to which I understand myself and it does look bit well more then fishy!!! But it wasn't me, I have never had gambling site before and is the first time!!! All I could think is email was hacked into as they had all my details everything!!
  5. Cheers many thanks for your support and advice, I will update u after my meeting.
  6. Nope person who's dealing with the case will be coming with his senior invitigator, and it does not say if it is caution+3 all it says is a meeting!!! Are they obliged to tell me if it is caution+3 and should I take someone, thanks for your help and I have spoken to fos and will be making a official complaint after this
  7. No, I am willing to co-operate and give any information to them, I have spoken to police and other agency!! Yh within 2hrs and bit I received further emails and I called BC straightaway and reported it!! And received full refund after my first fraud disputed transactions!!
  8. But I don't have any idea where they have got my details from, also my mothers account was hacked and someone tried to open contracts and put money into a pay as you go!! Where my mother was not even in the country!!! I am prepare to answer any questions as I have already given them 2 statements!!! But why the meeting that's what I don't understand
  9. But they have refunded money and now after 4 months they are disputing it!!! I have provided everything to them!!!
  10. Many thanks I have asked for a letter confirming of who's going to attend and what they going to talk about!!! I've received the letter today and it confirms meeting will be in my local branch with a senior investigation officer and person I was dealing with originally!!! Al it says in the letter is time and confirming it will be a meeting and nothing else!!! Is this normal do I have to go to the meeting?? Why after nearly 4months tho?? Cheers
  11. ************************Hi need help urgently***************.... on 11th august 2015 around 2330 at night i received a text messages from barclaycrad to confirm some transaction my card, there were transaction that i had used on 10th and 11th to which i replied Yes( HOW WRONG WAS I) I was at home with my mother and a friend of my mother, i than received further emails and messages from barclaycard that my credit card was used for £3500 on virgngames.com (gambling site) also £280 was taken from my paypal account. i called barclaycard and reported it straight away i
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