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  1. I paid the deposit on Tuesday night (10th November) and first tried to cancel Thursday during the daytime but, strangely(!), couldn't get through to their cancellations line even though when I rang the sales line it was answered immediately. I actually got through to the cancellations team yesterday afternoon (13th November) which was when they told me that I couldn't cancel, quoting their Ts & Cs (on their website but it won't let me post a link here). They didn't even tell me that I *could* cancel if I paid the 30% charge, simply that I was legally bound to honour the contract that I'd signed. I spotted the 30% charge part when I read the Ts & Cs myself. I'm holding off on paying the balance of the order until I absolutely have to.
  2. Good. I've only paid the deposit so far but the remaining balance will be paid on that same credit card. No it's not a custom made item. It's just a completely standard corner sofa, exactly the same size, colour, fabric etc as one I saw in their showroom.
  3. I really wish I'd found this thread, and the others on here, before placing my order this week. Unfortunately I looked on TrustPilot, saw they'd got a great score and decided to buy from them. It was only today when struggling to get through to their customer services line that I found this thread via Google. I actually rang them up to cancel my order today but was told that it was a legally binding contract the second I signed and so cancelling would incur a 30% charge. What's really annoyed me is that the sales girl in the shop specifically used the words 'cooling off period' when referring to the 48 hours after the order. It turns out that this 48 hour period is for making amendments/alterations to the order, not cancelling, in which case her referring to it as a cooling off period is totally misleading, how can I prove what she did or didn't say? She also said nothing about a 1.5% charge for paying using a credit card, although when I complained about that today they did at least agree to refund that charge. So it would seem that I'm now at their mercy and will have a 5 week wait to see what turns up. Judging by the threads on here it sounds like I'm in for a LOT of hassle should any of the following occur: 1. They send the wrong sofa 2. The sofa is damaged or defective 3. They can't get any part of it through the door 4. I have any problems with it at all over the next 15 years
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