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  1. Thanks for the reply just didnt know if i had to act now hence the reason to ask. Do i only reply once the six years have passed as it will be statuet barred because i would like the calls/letters to stop and then i will contact the fca as i have logged all calls and have got a folder with all my letters as i am gathering quite a collection now. Thanks once again dx100 .I will make a donation now and think if this website wasnt here where would you really go to get the right advice for situations like this. Its much better to be on a forum with people who know what these companies are all about.
  2. Hi again, Well since i have been last on here i have received letters from Robinsons way stating that i could have a balance reduction offer and another letter stating that they have notified that i have obtained another financial account . They are obviously keeping an eye on my credit history. This will be statute barred in August i am not sure where to go from here not sure if i need to act now? They still try to contact me on my phone but i do not answer at all they havent been back to my property as of yet am expecting them too. Can someone please advise me further please. Thanks in advance
  3. Dx,Thats great i will do that and will post once again once i have the relevant information i need.Thankyou for all your advice will definatly take all advice onboard
  4. Hi, I have now ordered the statements but i will obtain sar from my bank if i need further information.So in the meantime shall i just wait for my statements to arrive or is there anything i can do in the meantime as i do now have managers knocking my door which is totally unbelievable?Thanks again dx
  5. Hi again, Thanks for your message its totally unbeleivable my credit history is perfect with excellent ratings all bills paid on time etc, but this is becoming quite stressful to be honest. If i had a ccj sent through i would believe it but until then i just cant if that makes sense. Thanks for the reply Hi there, Thanks for the reply to be honest i certainly cannot remember that far back making the payments they say so i have got copies of my statements coming to check it out (this costs £5 per copy per month) from the bank. I dont believe i owe this amount as i have had no ccj sent in 10 years??? Why hasnt this been sent years ago? Sorry but really unsure what cca request or what the sar forms quite mean? I think maybe writing to Robinsons Way would be a good idea as i am not having random mangers knocking here not good for the stress levels at all.Thankyou
  6. Hi again, well here is an update on whats been going on since i have been last on here. I received alot more letters requesting payment but decided to ignore as my credit history was still showing SETTLED (25/2/2010) but showed assigned to a debt company. I have not recived a ccj at all for this ex morses club loan. Initially the loan was taken out in 2006. This information was deleted off my credit report for good on 25/2/2016 (Thursday) and thought the letters may stop but on Friday 26th Feb i had an appointment to attend and was not at my property my son said that a man had come to my house and said that he was from Robinsons way and said that he couldnt tell my son what he wanted due to the data protection act. The last letter sent stated that a manager would come to my house to set up a payment plan???? I have called experian this morning who have said that i do not owe the money . So could someone please advise me to what i need to do next as the letters keep coming and now managers are turning up at my house. I think i may need to send some kind of information to them but not to sure what. I have printed off that the morses accounts are deleted off my credit history, is there anything else i can do?? Any help would be really appreciated as i cant cope with years from these people. Thankyou
  7. Hi, I have an account with my bank which is fantastic as I pay a fee each month which also gives me id defender with the package if there is a change to my credit history in any way then I get an email straight away to notify me so I will know straight away. Will see what happens as I am sure I will get more letters and may have to pop on here again. Thanks again
  8. OK will take all advice given. Thankyou so much I will take all the advice from all who have helped me don't know what I would've done.If there is anything else I should know about how these bullies please message message.Huge Thankyou
  9. Thankyou for the reply. LooKing on my credit report this debt will be sb on 25/2/2016 Does this mean I am going to get constant letters ,phone calls until I have reached this date??So ignoring the company is the only way to go with this?I certainly do not want any ccj at all on my credit report .I really appreciate everyone who has helped me with this as I am so worried when the letters appear.
  10. Hi Thanks very much for your reply. Well the letter dated 23rd October (NOTICE OF SUMS IN ARREARS) It states that i made three payments one 2/2010 and a further two payments by 6/2010 to be honest i certainly cant remember making those payments and do not have any receipt for them either. The loans were taken out for a friend but were in my name but i think the company went into administration or something as i remember and the balance became settled. So after all these years all of a sudden they are asking for payment but what i have read on the internet i don't know if they are trustworthy and legit. I know my credit is ok as i have two credit cards and have had no problem obtaining credit if need be so i know my credit report is not causing any problems as of yet. Thanks for your help in advance its much appreciated.
  11. Hi there, This is the first time I have actually used a forum as I am quite concerned regarding letters which have recently been coming through the post from Hoist Portfolio and Robins Way demanding money from a loans from Morses Club. Which was taken out in 2006,2007,2006 but has been shown settled on my credit history in 2/2010. Even though this shows settled it also says "THE ACCOUNT AND LIABILITY HAS BEEN TRANSFERED TO ANOTHER COMPANY" but it doesn't state which company? The first letter appeared on 14/10/15 from Hoist Portfilio Holding 2 Limited which is a NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT for the total of £2.197.00 Then a letter turned up dated 23rd October 2015 which was a NOTICE OF SUMS IN ARREAS which apparently are official notices that the consumer credit act 1974 which states should be sent to customers in arreas .There are 12 pages and have found these quite overwhelming to say the least. Then on 4th November I received a letter from Robinsons Way who say they are collecting the debt for Hoist Portfolio and states that there is no minimum payment I only pay what I can afford . I am very confused as looking on my credit record it shows that it is settled but with how I have been bombarded will letters and have even heard an automated message left on my house phone which I thought I was ex directory but have managed to obtain my number.I really would appreciate any information to help me to resolve this as i am so worried as i thought it was settled. Thankyou
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