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  1. thanks for your reply old codger. whilst i do not agree with your comments and find them one-sided you are of course entitled to them. i appreciate you have almost forty years of experience and also appreciate that we are living in a fast changing world. my issues are recent and solely to do with southeastern. it is disappointing that you find it more important to defend yourself rather than tackling the real issues of inadequate ticket purchasing facilities and lack of training being provided by southeastern but that is your prerogative. i have received the final e-mail th
  2. thanks for your suggestion honeybee. as i said my next steps are to contact the local parish magazine a) to warn people and b) to monitor the faults of the ticketing machine. the other step being to contact rail user support groups and i thank you for your suggestions as i have no knowledge of these groups. andy
  3. Disclaimer This email and any attachments (together "this email") are strictly confidential and intended solely for use by the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Unauthorised use of this email (including disclosure, copying and printing for any reason) is strictly prohibited. Southeastern denies any responsibility and liability in relation to the transmission and use of this email to the extent permitted by law. Any views expressed by an individual within this email do not necessarily reflect the views of Southeastern.
  4. i think there is little point continuing with the thread. the questions i have raised have not been answered here or by southeastern. even now the last three posts have simply been to support a regular poster rather than addressing the issues. i simply stated the final comments were nothing more than common trolling which i believe they were. i hadn't read anyone's profile and neither of the two posters connected with the railways had declared that until i raised the question. i simply stated the final comments were nothing more than common trolling, i made a clear separat
  5. i have still not decided on a course of action old codger. i do think it is wrong of you not to declare your lack of independence before posting, you final posts along with your colleague in the railways are little more than common trolling. ganymede i have started using an old bank card, an option that would not be open to most teenagers who use the railways often. however the machine has already malfunctioned, leaving no way of buying a ticket before entering the train. fortunately a ticket inspector was doing his job instead of sitting in with the driver and i was able to purchase
  6. yes i drifted back to the past there, although i generally put southeastern. is that the main issue for both of you here? can you both confirm that you have never at any time worked for the railways or anyone connected with them in any way and do you have anything helpful or constructive to add to what has been posted? many thanks, andy
  7. i would post the responses from southeastern, however in their e-mails they helpfully state that you are not permitted to reproduce them, somewhat more bizarrely they also state their empoyee replies do not necessarily represent their views. seems a bit pointless employing them or even replying to complaints really then but does give you an insight into their customer service. there is however nothing to stop me posting my replies to them of course nor to stop them coming on here and replying. i had one good well reasoned response and one where the person replying seemed
  8. as already stated, one guy working in the ticket office 6.15 to 10.30a.m. weekdays only with holiday cover. nothing else.
  9. travel time was 3pm to 4pm. i've already said why i wasn't naming the station. i presume legislation from 1889 would only relate to payment by cash rather than bank card. fact i sought information on paying by cash from southeastern's representative at my local station and followed it. it seems he gave me incorrect information which then led to this ridiculous state of affairs. i'll post the reply from southeatern when i get it.................. if i get it. thanks for your replies, andy
  10. the only one not that likely is an adult without a bank card. have resurrected an old bank account now and put a few quid in it so won't bother with the ticket office in future. the ticket office was closed for a redec for a fair while and there has been the odd unscheduled closure presumably due to the only guy working there being off sick. . at the end of the day the whole episode has left a very nasty taste in the mouth though and i'll probably not use the rail as much in future. so the way it was handled by the inspector has ultimately cost southeaster
  11. thanks old cod, several things occur to me 1) it seems the problem arose due to the guy at the local ticket office giving me completely incorrect information and 2) it means effectively you can't get on a train without a ticket if there is an option to pay by a bank card. 3) if you don't have a bank card be it a teenager or an adult it means you can't travel or have to buy a ticket well in advance of travel assuming you know you will be travelling. 4) if you rely on a cash payment as a kid and the guy in the ticket office is off sick you either don't go to scho
  12. agreed re the last bit ganymede but how much time would i have ended up burying to try and retreive £20 i should never have been fined in the first place. i suspect it may have taken about 8 hours in total once you take everything into account with an uncertain outcome, seems a pretty poor hourly return which is of course what they rely upon. as it happens i will now stay locally for my leisure time which isnt so much fun for me but an option and they won't get any money from me until i know where i stand so end up out of pocket themselves. a classic lose lose situation brought about
  13. maybe i am maybe i am not ganymede, plenty of hacking of large companies recently, my other concern which has happened before is getting the card stuck as it is pretty old and worn and due to be replaced this month. fine if there is someone about to retrieve it but not at a village station. if i wasn't given what appears to be duff info by the guy at the staion i would have either bought the ticket earlier in the day and hoped arrangements hadn't changed, set up a new account or not travelled by rail. if i was a teenager without a bank card i clearly would not have that option. i asked th
  14. as i said in the original post it is only manned rush hour in the morning, just checked it is 6.10 am to 10.25 am weekdays only
  15. i'd rather not disclose for now as there is only one guy that works at the ticket office.
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