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  1. Hi mikey Oh I know...won't be faking anything. Will admit to it for sure.
  2. Hi Mikey, Thankyou for your reply, and im sorry if I didnt explain properly. I was on my own for 6 years ,, but my partner moved in in April this year and I have been wrongly claiming as single since then. Popperx
  3. Many thanks. Will send off everything they are asking for and then wait to hear.
  4. Hello everyone After much searching online today decided that this would be the best one for advice by non judgemental people. I have been claiming tax credits both working and child tax credits for 6 years as a single parent , which indeed I am. In April of this year my partner had to leave his rented home and he moved in to mine. I informed the council and immediately stopped getting the housing benefit and the 25% single person council tax claim. Im ashamed and very embarrassed to say I did not tell HMRC. I have now received a letter asking for bank statements, utility bi
  5. Thankyou HB. Can I just check with you, do I need post it as a new query? Im sorry ive never used a website like this before so not sure. I just wanted a bit of advice and hopeful reassurance as feeling quite ill .thankyou
  6. I too have stupidly done the same thing Scotia39. I had my partner move in April of this year and been claiming as a single parent. He earns less than me 14,000pa and has been paying the rent on the house. Had a letter today from HMRC and they want bank statements, bills etc....everything in my name still but just so wish id told them. Feel ashamed of myself .
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