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  1. Oh god. I knew this would be bad i was gonna call but re read my letter and they want me to send documents? So should I send documents? council tax bank accounts etc. The over payments are 6 month worth.
  2. Thank you for replying. I owe £95 to the courts and have to pay £20 a month. Bailiff fees are £50 a month. CSA is £140 a month. Lowell is £60 a month. DwP loan is £40 a month. I pay £48 a month for TV licence then pay £12 a month when I have brought a years one and can't miss one payment for 6 months. So when I moved in, I had to pay all this and I didn't want to end up in even more trouble, I had the bailiff out every few days and in 18 days had 12 letters of them. And now i wish i had. As i don't want to be known as a fraud and cancel my CTC as it leaves us £380 a month t
  3. Yes its only CTC I didn't inform. I only kept it going until I pay the bailiff and my fine, I have never done anything like this before and was so stupid of me. (7 months worth) I have to ring a number and speak to someone but I'm so scared. I'm scared I will be in big trouble, andwill bbe telling them it's been since May but I have seen so many stories on Google and Facebook of people being convicted. I didn't do it because it was "more money" I didn't want the bailiffs to take my stuff. Since moving in with my partner it has been stressful as he hasn't paid many bills so I ended up
  4. I've been so stupid. I moved in with my partner in May this year, we claimed HB, JSA, council tax ttogether but not Child Tax. I'm as aa single claim and they found out after I wwent on Experian website. They have sent me a letter only mentioningaAugust to now they think I am lliving with Mr ******* which I am. I am bricking it. I should have called them and was goingto until Bailiffs aarrived a month after for council tax from a few years ago (my housing didn't even say it had gone to them when I paid 5 days earlier) so I had to pay council tax in full. And bailiffs wanted their
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