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  1. I have recieived another letter, this time from Spratt Endicott. (18th Feb 2016) 'We act on behalf of the above named client. They have instructed us to write to you concerning the above debt due to them. Failure to reply to this notice in 7 days may result in legal proceedings to recover the above balance unless you contact us to discuss your payment proposals. Any claim resulting in proceedings will include additional costs payable by you. You should also note that if Judgement is obtained you may find it difficult to obtain credit from other sources as the judgement will be r
  2. I have 2 letters from CRS (they are both exactly the same, date and everything). The letter states that my account balance is now £201.50, with their fees of £66.50 added. They then have a section of 'options' for paying them and mention numerous times that I should call them, and they said they will cease further letters for 7 days (obviously I'm past 7 days now).
  3. I've asked my mum to keep an eye out for any letters for me, and she says she hasn't received any. I just got a text from CRS saying 'Please call C R S on 01444 449165 between 9 and 5pm. We sent a letter a week ago and need to discuss this with you. Thank you.' Trying to get her to have a look for the letter
  4. Ok I'll refrain from calling. I have another big problem.. I have changed address, so the letters are getting sent to my mums house who I don't see often. And I don't know how to change my address with them, I went into the actual gym to ask and they were no help at all. All the gym ever says is 'just call Harlands'
  5. In that case it would be two direct debit mandates I think? We have literally just cancelled the direct debit for both the memberships, and managed to get the unpaid transaction fee back from the bank. Yayy! I have read through hundreds of threads about Harlands, it's reassuring, but lets be honest.. I'm young, I don't know much about this stuff, I'm an easy target. Luckily I found this site Getting worried because loads of people are telling me I have to call them.. but then again they haven't dealt with Harlands before so they don't know what the best thing to do is
  6. Thanks for replying! I'm worried about the admin fee because it is stated in the contract, which I signed. Also, a bit more info, my boyfriend paid the admin fee (he didn't have a choice, they took it out of his bank first chance they got). Should we both cancel out memberships, even though it's only mine that they're chasing money for? Then again we can't tell which is which, but won't they start chasing him for money too? Our first payments for the gym got taken out on the 2nd Feb 2015, we can't remember the exact date we joined though. It was early January 2015. I don't kno
  7. Hi, I urgently need advice on dealing with Harlands, Here is the story so far. Me and my boyfriend signed up to our local Lifestyle fitness gym, under a 12 month contract. Both memberships were set up to be debited from his account. 8 months in, he got a letter saying that there weren't sufficient funds to pay his membership, so they were asking for the £15 for the months membership, and a £25 admin fee. We went into the actual gym and asked if the other membership (mine) had been paid for, and they said that only one of our memberships was suspended, so one must have been paid.
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