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  1. hiya all. just got a letter from PRA group about a debt i have of roughly 2 grand. they are saying they are going to get brodies LLP scottish solicitors on to me (im in glasgow, scotland) im wondering what powers these people have - i.e. do they have any right to come to my house and seize goods? under scots law. im sure only sheriffs officers have the right to come on to my property under scots law. i know that simple debt collectors are trespassing by coming to my house just not sure where i stand with a local solicitor. thanks for any reply's!
  2. agreed old yin. uncle bulgaria - have contacted ebico, just waiting for reply. big thanks to ya sir! will kseep posted on here. thanks all!
  3. thanks uncle im browsing them now. much appreciated sir!
  4. hiya mate thanks for reply. what happened was 4 yrs ago my mum moved into sheltered housing and apart from some brief spells away from home, army, girlfriends; i managed to inherit the house / tenancy from housing association. problem was i also inherited two large elec. and gas bills. paid off the leccy bill. but scottish power *made* me take pay as you go meter. threatened by debt collection company. liar on the phone even told me "aye its cheaper than direct debit normal meter" but on xmas eve 2012 i trekked miles to local shop for a tenner t
  5. phoned scottish power yesterday - they seemed stunned when i told the girl i want to register this as an official complaint. she put me on hold and some managerial sounding woman came on the line so i reiterated the official complaint line as is the procedure before complainig to ofcom. the rude woman said something very rude and hung up. horrible company! cheers all for reading and replying, unfortunately for some reason i cant add "kudos" star thingy but much obliged all! take care all, laters!
  6. thanks all for replies / advice! i am seeing a welfare officer from my housing association friday and hope to get something sorted. been in hospital recently hence none replies. just astonished at how these companies, in this day and age and country can get away with such blatant con's. once again thank you all.
  7. in my army days 90 - 93 - no one gave a [edited]. seems not much has changed. MOD civvy xxxxs. up the ghurkas this is the nonsense we take we serve (d) admiteddly get the job done ) ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt
  8. i hear what yer saying mate. i do suffer from ptsd and adhd. ex royal artillery. op granby. have come to conclusion will just ignore gas meter and heat m house with electric heaters. luckily shower is electric. seen worse just didnt expect in home country. cheers all.
  9. hi everyone just wondering if anyone can advise how i can be owing scottish power 500 pounds "standing charges" seeing as when i last used said meter i only owed a tenner. roughly three years ago. the meter was eventually "capped" as i stopped using it and now they are billing me for that amount! how can that be right? should i complain to ofgem? this just is not right at all! i didnt want the pay as you go meter in the first place. some silly youngster from the debt collection company told me that pay as you go is actually cheaper. i tried to make a deal with them to pay a
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