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  1. keep it going mate. i won my money back last month. all fine, no probs. spent the money on a new liverpool home shirt. (hence the username. tribute to the legendary neil ruddock) YNWA
  2. and yup, done the survey too by the way!
  3. thanks people. sorry, tesco is closer to work! well just made my donation to keep the wheels in motion for the rest of you. i started in about march i think. ordered the statements for a fiver, spent about two weeks counting (!) and posted off letter in april. got the obligatory f.off then sent my letter before action and went on holiday. came back to find id been told to f.off again. registered claim with moneyclaim in june and heard nothing until the day before and they filed a defence! three days later and they settled. well pleased. thanks again to this site and everyone. pr
  4. despite my worry last week and defence issued by Natwest, I have received a letter this morning saying it is not 'viable' for them to defend the case. so i have won! yipee. many thanks to everyone at the site and to everyone who posted to my questions. i will now donate a little to the site then its off to tesco at lunch for a crate of beer. good luck to the rest....
  5. phew. ok, thanks guys. when you get a mo, could someone point me in the direction of where the advice on the questionaires is please? of course, just let me know if i have to look through the cases. thanks again, very relieved.
  6. natwest have issued a defence, which i should be receiving within a day or two. is this normal and if so, what happens now? thanks.
  7. hey, i posted the thread before you and also have had no replies! my 28 days is up tomorrow and they have just filed a defence. but i need to know off people what happens now, ie is a defence normal etc. most peoples threads seem all over the place so trying to track down someone at the same stage as you is v hard!! however, it does seem normal practice for them to wait until the very last days before they do anything. however, like you said, it does seem that some people get paid off quicker than others so it would be good to get views on why this is...
  8. Hi. Just wondered what the general theme is regarding NatWest's reaction towards these claims. I have just heard from Moneyclaim that they have just received a response/defence from NatWest (which I will receive soon). Have most people who have reached this stage received a defence and if so, what happens then? (ie does it mean trouble?!) cheers
  9. tell me where the thread on the Daily Mail newspaper article is please? thanks.
  10. hi. as i said im knew so no laughing if this is a stupid question (because I belive the original article never made this clear)... is it just the charges for returned cheques and unauthorised borrowing that we can claim back or can we claim back the interest on these overdrafts, which seems to be a good £20 a month? thanks.
  11. Hi - many thanks for the reply. Just wondered what DPAs are? I have tried to follow most of the steps. Found out the amount im owed, asked for it back (twice), letter before action etc and am now at the moneyclaim stage. just wondered whether natwest really take people to court i guess! And when you fill in the moneyclaim site, what address do you put for natwest? i am assuming its the bishopsgate london address at the bottom of the correspondence.... Sorry!
  12. Hello. Sorry if this is somewhere else (I have been looking all morning!) but I would like to clarify the 'NatWest situation'. - Is NatWest the type of bank to usually make you at least get to the filling in the court form stage? - at what stage do most of you NatWest guys get your money back? Many thanks.
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