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  1. Evening everyone. Sorry for the delay but a quick update. That worked in my favour. I got a reply "on this rare occasion as I do understand what you are say......" So thank you very much to those who have replied and helped me with this.
  2. Thank you I'll give it a try and let you know.
  3. Thanks for replying everyone. It's the gym manager who is quoting the 30 days.
  4. Good evening. I have read the gym membership cancellation advice but wanted a little clarification. I have a contract with fit4less that is due to expire on 30th November this year. My direct debit came out from my account on 2nd November 2015 so on this date I emailed cancellation and cancelled my direct debit. They have emailed me back saying I have to give 30 days notice not the 29 days I have given. I think this is a little petty but they are sticking to their guns. Does anyone have any advice? If we have been in a 31 day month it wouldn't be an issue. Thanks in advance.
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