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  1. I don't know when they said this exactly it would have been many months ago. They have passed it on to Moorcroft and sent a letter with their details. How should we proceed?
  2. They call to take payment for the SAR so haven't paid for it yet. Should I not pay for it when they call thereby cancelling it. I've just realised that they where taking interest at over 100% APR and compounding it.
  3. When the bank offered to close the account and write off the debt, was this offer in writing or verbal. Verbal The previous Attorney should have applied to the bank to have interest and default charges frozen on the grounds of hardship. This would have enabled the payments to reduce the debt, instead if it increasing with the added charges. They didn't. A SAR should get you all the data you need and it should not be limited to the last 6 years. However, as others have said, you'd be better just defending any action the bank or DCA takes. I will try this now. Tell us about
  4. I don't have statements but I do have some kind of monthly print off from the past 6yrs that the bank provided, they said that prior to 6yrs they don't keep records for. It shows the amount in debit and the interest payments and credits from the solicitors.
  5. Was the previous Deputy, a court of protection professional? Or is it some family friend or relative? Yes it was a solicitors firm. You say that the outstanding balance came down to £126 and you then say that interest payments went up to £18.75 per month. This is an astonishing amount of interest on an outstanding balance of £126. Can you confirm that these are the correct figures and have you any explanation as to how this might have occurred. They actually increased from then on until it reached over £400 so the APR must have been incredibly high. The following month it was £24
  6. Do you think it would be easy to defend if they take action? I was rather hoping to get some money back from them.
  7. I'm a court appointed deputy for my husband. In 2008 he was placed under the court of protection due to a severe head injury, at that time he had a Barclays Bank account with an overdraft of £600. When the CoP was put in place he had been in to his local branch and they refused to serve him or talk to him. He was lied to about why and we only found out a few weeks later that it was due to the CoP which had taken over a year to be put in place. His original Deputy was extremely incompetent and cause no end of problems. In a nutshell they began paying his overdraft off at £15
  8. They all appear to be writing the debt off, bit less stress as I've inherited this from the Solicitors who where supposed to be managing his affairs. I guess there's little else they could do in the circumstances really.
  9. They may have failed to alert the credit agencies, but I imagine that will be between them and the credit card companies. In any event neither myself nor the protected person can be held liable, me because this all came about before I took over and the protected person because they aren't legally able to either sign documents or take out credit.
  10. The thing is he doesn't have the 'legal' right to sign a document, pretty much like a 4yr old can't apply for a credit card.
  11. Hi, My husband suffered a serious brain injury some years back and after a few years it became clear that he was no longer able to manage any kind of finances. His solicitors suggested the Court of Protection which they set up and managed on his behalf, but it was very, very expensive and once all his savings where gone and they where only managing his benefits the cost was almost as much as they where. We recently switched to myself managing the CoP which means that I have a special bank account and his benefits go into that, his bills are paid and then an allowance is transfer
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