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  1. Afternoon all! Sorry for the delay, but we have been away. Beginning of September I sent Finance U a letter threatening them with court if they didn't pay within 14 days the over payment that we had paid them... ...came home from holidays on Sunday and there was a lovely cheque for the requested amount including the 8% interest that I added as advised! Thank you all so much for your help, couldn't of done it without you. Just really annoys me off to how many people they have ripped off!
  2. Fab, i shall wait for tomorrows post as that is the original 14 days, if nothing, I shall send the letter before action and im quite willing to make a claim through court... thank you for your help
  3. No i didnt add anything like that as i wasnt sure of the correct proceedings (if you know what i mean)
  4. It was sent in a letter and send recorded delivery. I included in the letter that an overpayment had been made (with evidence) and requested full payment within 14 days from the date of the letter
  5. Morning Well I'm back! Surprise surprise I haven't heard anything back from them since requesting the over payment be paid back to us and the 14 days is up tomorrow. So If I receive nothing tomorrow I should write them a letter, what should I put in the letter? Would rather check with you guys in case I get it wrong
  6. Thanks for replying... I shall read through it all tonight and see what it has to say
  7. Good afternoon, Well i've just received all of the information after requesting the SAR....and it makes for interesting reading. I have a new copy of their 'Statement of Account' which now reads that we owe nothing, as of 15/07/2016 they have 'write-off to bad debt'. Strange since their last statement to us in May which they reckon then that we owed them £925, now its been written off........maybe something to do with the fact that we have overpaid? I also have a copy of a Land Registry requesting Removal of Restriction.. . im not sure what I should be looking f
  8. I cant remember Im sorry DX, will be an interesting read when Ive received the SAR back then
  9. Obiter, I have a list of payments, along with cheque numbers and amounts so Ill make it as detailed as possible Dx.....ooo sounds interesting
  10. Shall i wait for the SAR to be returned to me as this was also requested last week along with a copy of the the CCJ from the courts (which ive obviously now had) or do I just hit them a a lovely letter?
  11. I have no clue to be honest Andy, their accounts over the years have been awful, so ive just been through my payments and checked their statement and we have definitely overpaid them by a good few hundred pounds
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