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  1. Here is an actual repot from a local paper about this issue. http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/drivers-fined-after-crossrail-construction-10798709
  2. Any thought on improving this? Your name Your address Your postcode Date Claimants name Claimants address Claimants postcode Dear Sirs, Claim Number: XXXXXX Request for documents mentioned in a statement of case under CPR 31.14 On xx/xx/xxxx I received a County Court claim from yourselves of which I have acknowledged receipt indicating my intention to defend in full. To enable me to file my defence, I require inspection of documents you mention in your statement of case ahead of filing my defence on XX XXXX 201X. 1. Agreement / Contact with Landowner that assigns t
  3. I can not open the GOV link for section 30, any where else it might be? Thanks
  4. Hi Ericsbrother, there seems to be no place to add the bullet points for the defence on the acknowledgement. Do I add to a separate sheet, or just send Acknowledgement of Service back to give me more time?
  5. I am a little confused please help. If you do not file an application within 14 days of the date of filing this acknowledgement of service, it will be assumed that you accept the court's jurisdiction and judgement may be entered against you. What does this mean, do I have to do two applications? Thanks, Jimbo
  6. Hi ericsbrother, Hope you are able to get some relaxation as it is a weekend. As for the CPR 31.14, can I give PCM a deadline for this information? Also do I request the info to show that it covers the date of the PCN? Thanks, Jimbo
  7. I photographed the old signs, and are in RAW digital negative.
  8. I found this about station approach. I did not want to cut and paste if I left something out of importance. http://modgov.hillingdon.gov.uk/documents/s21267/2013-3526%20107%20Station%20Rd%20Hayes.pdf
  9. Tuesday 12th they aim to do the inspection by. I did a search and could find no planning for signs on that road for over 3 yrs.
  10. N1SDT CLAIM FORM PARTICULARS OF CLAIM half way down on left side. Only dates and costs no details of why? And refers to interest in that section also. Here is a copy of the forms, are they compliant please?
  11. I got the County Court Claim form this evening. Not much space to write a defence. One thing bothering us is the statement. Registration of judgments: if the claim results in a judgment order against you, it will result in difficulty getting credit. Does this mean if I lose I go straight on a register?
  12. Thanks for this info Ericsbrother. Firstly do I request all the information regarding the debt. Secondly, I am not sure still who owns the road, they have large letters now saying "PRIVATE ROAD" across the road. New signs have now been added recently too.
  13. Hi Ericsbrother, here is the letter from Gladstones.
  14. Hi all, Just received a Letter Before Claim from Gladstones. What is my next action on this please?
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