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  1. Hi Peter I have written to my line manager, the head of HR and the CEO. each time has resulted in the issue being refered to my line manager with no progress. I wrote to the CEO again on Sunday giving a deadline for resolution by close of play today otherwise I will take legal action. Cheers Richard
  2. Hi All, I left the employment of a company on the 31st August with my last day at work being the 18th August. On my last day I submitted a claim for my expenses for the last six weeks of my employment electronically along with a paper copy of receiptsto support it.. The claim was a similar amount to what I had claimed most months for the previous 4 years and had been paid without quibble by my employer. (expenses usually being credited to my account within 5 days.) However, the week before I left in my exit interview I said the reason I was leaving was due to the management style of my new line manager. After a month I wrote to the company to ask why I had not received my expenses and was told they needed more information. I inquired about what it was they required and found that in actual fact the claim had been rejected by my former line manager. After pointing this out I was then asked to fill in a manual process as I was now a former employee. I submitted three weeks ago with a note saying they had the hard copy receipts as these were submitted on the 18th August. I have since been asked to send further information, I did this a few days later as my claim was consistent with the expenses policy. I chased the claim and again last week and have not received a reply. The claim was for £560, if it was £50-£60 I would have chalked it up to experience but because of the sum and the way this has been dealt with by my former employer I feel I need to pursue them for both the money and an apology. Any advice as to how I can both recover my expenses and also get an apology from the former employer would be welcomed. Thanks
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