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  1. SUE AND MIKE BRITTON BASED IN LISKEARD CORNWALL!!! i am not the first person who they have ripped off, but I am the first to take them to court! She is picking up the car tomorrow and the court are posting out my cheque asap!
  2. We won the court case, it took bailiffs going to her home but we have our money back plus court costs back too!!!
  3. Just thought I would update this it's been updated to a full claim and in the next couple days I will be issuing a warrant, just need to get the funds :/
  4. Opened a small claims against her, as NO communication and I have seen her online :/
  5. whats the letter before action/ in the letter i wrote to her, it was i would take further action without prior warning if she didn't get in touch ? (which she hasn't yet is still advertising on fb)
  6. Well she got her letter last night, she has 7 days, it was dated 9th November, she now has till Monday to get her butt in gear!!
  7. I am new to cars, to me £675 is a lot of money, we are not flush with cash and considering my first car a few months ago was only £150 and lasted till upgraded this £675 is luxury!! I am now able to purchase another car whilst I fight for a refund for this one, luckily my budget is £2000! so hoping i get better now!
  8. Well the letter was sent monday first thing signed for recorded, she has not picked it up from the post office, I gave her 7 days from the date of the letter to respond, she is still advertising online so clearly has been home etc I stated in letter 7 days but as she doesn't have it yet, when do I start the 7 days? I was going on monday if no response start the small claims route, but ahh I don't know what to do? do I still do that even if she doesn't have it yet
  9. Someone else has asked me this, but no they don't trade under any name, they just use their own name and work from home. They don't have a website, just word of mouth and a facebook group they advertise in, the face book group is run by someone else under a general name, but they advertise a lot on there She claims she is registered and insured, thinking about looking into them more but not sure where to start, if you think you could help I could send you her information privately?
  10. It's not a dealer as such, its a husband and wife who runs out of their own home, but has around 10 cars all the time, they are 40 mins from me, at present as I have in the past couple days seen them *bully* others online, until I get a result I will not be naming them. I have sent a letter this morning and said I want a full refund within 7 days, should have put about them picking up the car too didn't think about that
  11. thanks for the advice, last question for now, as the car is unusable, would it best to SORN the car?
  12. thank you I am thinking of putting a SORN on the car as I have no faith in it to use it, will this effect anything?
  13. Paid by bank transfer, deposit was paid then final paid via transfer when they arrived with the car She won't talk on the phone and will only send me messages via facebook She has offered now to repair the car at trade price but I have to pay it, to have a car for 14 days and for it to land in a garage 3 soon to be 4 times surely that is wrong I need to send her a formal email hows best way to word it?
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