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  1. Thanks guy feel happier now about not paying up, if it had been 20 or 30 quid I may havd paid up but 80 quid is ott i think. Regards Rob
  2. Ok guy,s ta very much, i was a bit worried as they told me to pay in 14 days or it will go back to £160. So I should continue to ignore yuo suggest. Regards Rob
  3. Hi i have been trying to find original notice but cant, but i dont remember getting a notice to keeper. I was parked in a car park where i parked many times the date was 19 june 2015 i thought it was a council park, but it not, there was not many cars parked, it was after 5pm ,i didn,t know there was a camera, to date i have not contacted the collector,s Regards Rob.
  4. Hi sorry I got it wrong it actually say,s,parking charge notice, parking charge date, name of creditor Smart Parking Ltd, reason overstayed paid time. Regards Rob
  5. Hi and ta for quick reply the notice is from Zenith collections and it is a penalty charge notice , i had a previous letter from DRP about the same charge ,i assume Zenith have taken over. Regards Rob
  6. Been offered reduced fine of £80. For overstay in carpark, paid £1. for an hour, should i pay.
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