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  1. We are shortly to move out from a flat that we have rented. Next to us is a closed down fish and chip shop that has been used as the landlords living space. Annexed to the fish and chip shop and directly below us is another premise which was part of the fish and chip shop but is now being rented out to some girls who are doing it up as a cafe. What we discovered is that water used in the premise directly below us is actually going onto our meter. The girls have only been there for a few months, but prior to that the landlords occupied it and could have been using the taps there for months
  2. I have had lower back pain caused by my work chairs for over a year now. From the start I had researched the cause of back pain at work and told them what chair I need (it's called a saddle seat and is designed to relieve back pain). They have ignored this in favour of their own process which has involved shipping a stream of cheap chairs that are much the same and increasing pressure on me to pretend that the latest incarnation has solved all my problems. It's all distinctly for show. The most recent event was having a 'medical' report done on the situation, which basically involved a sa
  3. Friend accidentally left tap on in our flat. Went through flat below. No real damage reported as of yet, but my Landlord wants to retain deposit for potential costs to Landlord of flat below. By law, am I liable for covering costs for any such potential damage, or should it be covered by Landlord's insurance? Anyone? Thanks (shortened for ease of reading)
  4. At one point in a previous tenancy a friend left a tap on causing a leak to the flat below. The overflow was not blocked or anything, but just wasnt very good (cheap quality kitchen). We were out for a few hours, but there was no visible damage, the carpets and light fitting all dried ok, (the chipboard surface warped a bit). So decided to keep it quiet. After leaving the flat, the landlord got nasty and intimidating (not about the water leak, just generally), saying they were going to deduct some of the deposit as they needed to professionally clean the flat because of things such as lim
  5. To clear up the confusion- we were talking about cancelling the contract using the DSR. But you can only do that if youve just bought the phone, so they wouldnt help your partner. Thats how these companies work- they say they'll give you something if you agree to a contract with another seperate company (o2). This way, if they (Phones4u) dont give you what they said they would, youve got nothing on them. Really, all your partner can do is try and smooth things over with O2- pay any previous bills and promise to pay future ones. As for Phones4u- to be frank there's nothing you
  6. Ok, thats really cleared things up. The state of affairs is such that I cant prove that representation. One last question- given the little that I can prove (that I gave them some money and the little they have done), could I somehow at least make a claim that those services do not warrant the charge? ie that whatever the situation with refunds/ agreed services etc, the services provided do not warrant the fee given? - or could they just say "he agreed to pay £250 for us to send two letters" and that would be the end of my claim? And thankyou very much for sharing your knowledge.
  7. Ok, well firstly, it was agreed in advance that the fee was refundable. And as for the services agreed to, basically, there wernt any with regards to the sum paid- we thought of it as a holding deposit. So we didnt discuss what the sum was for really. Though, on second thoughts, they did say they would secure the flat for us if we gave them the money- so i guess thats a service, one which they didnt fulfill. Would that do?
  8. [quote= That's not quite correct. As stated in #3 - services that begin, by agreement, before the end of the cancellation period, are exempt from Distance Selling Regulations - providing the supplier has informed the consumer before the conclusion of the contract that he will not be able to cancel once performance of the services has begun with his agreement. Sorry, it's a fact. jActually, thats not quite correct either. A further proviso is that he does it in writing and also provides other info in writing as well. So in my particular case, its not exempt.
  9. Cool, thanks Cattolica, thats put my mind at rest a little.yeh, i always was going to send by spec del. And after more thinking, and talking, Im a little clearer about things: barracad: I think thats open for debate as to whether its reasonable. I dont think its reasonable to expect people to search for a little link and then scroll though loads of terms and conditions in small print, just in case the company tries to [problem] you. But anyway, I think what is deemed reasonable is irrelevant here, as the DSR state that they must fulfill certain conditions, with no exceptions- so e
  10. Hey, just wanted to say, righteous, noomill. Fight the power!
  11. hey, thats great help, thanks. Though there was no "wording of the contract", because there was no written contract really- nothing was signed by anyone. i mean, what counts as a contract? Because all those grounds for suing you mentioned require reference to a contract. I do have two things in writing. I could show the court a receipt and a sheet of paper listing what we need to give them ie the references required along with our names, the adress of the property and when we need to give the deposit by etc- but its not signed. The receipt basically says that we gave them £250. It
  12. ****ing hell, are you kidding?! Im surprised companies would go that far for profit, what with it being completely illegal. I trust you told him to go **** himself?lol.
  13. come on, Mr Shed. you know lots about the law, what do you think? can i av em on verbal false pretenses (about it being refundable)?
  14. I dont really have an arguement with anyone, i just want to know if i have the right to cancel and who i have to write to, to cancel.
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