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  1. Thank you all for your kind replies. I have always been honest. I will totally be truthful at interviews. I wish I could turn back time. Never go to that should when I was in shock. I had been in hospital all night with my father's. Had some distressing news from test results. I really wish I never entered that store and made that mistake. It will forever hand over my head. I never commit a crime before and never intended to. Or will as long as live. I just hope my life not going to be ruined. Thanks again for help and support.
  2. a few months ago I made a terriable mistake. I got caught shoplifting. I thought I scan all the items at self scan ( extremely tried on this day after being in hospital with my dad who extremely ill) any I thought I paid for everything. I left the store.only to be chased by a security guard. I explained it must have been mistake. to my horror it had only scan one item which I paid for. Because I had packed the other items as well into my bag for life.(accidently not paid) the security was really aggressive, calling me a lier , saying I look the type who shoplifting all the time. I would like to stress I had never shopliftered in my life until that moment. (Never use self scan again as long I live). the police were called, I admit I done it the value of the items came £28.00 I sign a community resoultion order. So here my question. ' its classification is it not a caution or criminal conviction' won't be disclosed on a basic check (not to sure what that is) but made disclosed on enhanced check in the additional information. So I want apply for a job on the NHS. I know they do enhanced checks. Should I wait two and half years for it to classified as spent. And then apply. Or will it be disclosed regards less how long I wait? I have researched on some websites it says a community order is spent straight away, others two and half years. Can stay on my record for six years . Others say till 99 years of age. So I went to know if my life over will this haunt be forever.
  3. Thanks for reply. To be honest I feel like I never leave the house as I be labelled a criminal for the rest of my life. Seems that even though it was not classified as a conviction. It is in fact how I was will be treated. Knowing this makes me feel even worse. I can't even move on. I will be forever followed around shop and have security waited out side. Even though I wait at the till and pay for every item. I was forever be labeled a awful person.
  4. Yep sure. A close friend asked. The security Guards all work closely together and disclose information between the local stores. photo of known shoplifters
  5. Here Goes, I was caught shoplifting in boots. I feel so ashamed I haven't been sleeping . On this particular day I extremely tired I had been in hospital the night before Dad who was very ill. I went in there to get some stress tablets and nappies. I used self scan ( I thought I scan the item in) I placed them I'm my bag for life. Put my card in. I thought I paid , but to be honest I was so tried I pulled my card out before the payment completed. i left the store thinking I paid. Only to be chased by a security guard. I explained it must be a mistake. I showed to my receipt. To my horror it had only scan the baby wipes and not they other two items. So I had only paid for baby wipes. The security Guards was really aggressive, saying women they me think there to good. That it was his store and how dare me think I steal things. He demanded my I'd and made a photocopy I tried to explain I made a mistake and never intended to do. His reply was ' there something wrong you, your a lair, I offered to pay he refused. He had his manager there he told here don't speak her she a lair. show my CCTV he called the police. the three police offices arrived . I have to say the two male police officers were very nice. Listen to my story ( police were very fair and can't praise them enough ) . I explained I never been in trouble with police in my life until now. So I was given a community resolution order I also sign I banning order. I left the store mortified. But to my horror this security has shared my photo and information on my local area. Everywhere I go shopping I have security guards following me around the store. Or waiting outside. I feel like a criminal. I now dread going shopping. It's giving me anxiety. What I most afraid of I work in the same area. I worried one of the security will disclose to my employer what I have done. I may lose my job. I have not told anyone except you xxx
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