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  1. HI all, In 2015 I joined Exercise for Less. I cancelled the direct debit having spoken to the gym manager as I didn't like the facilities and naively thinking that would be the last i heard from them. I then battled with Harlands (I offered them the 9.99 as advised by this forum) then CRS (who gave my account back to Harlands after II sent them an email composed by the legendary Slick132). This happened in November 2015. However, as I was clearing my inbox I found this email from Harlands dated 05/01/17 ( this is the first I've heard from them since Nov
  2. Hi Everyone, I left my job in September, I just received a letter from my line manager's manager telling me I owed the organisation £260 for damage to a laptop (saying the laptop is now unusable). I admitted to two keys falling off the laptop and at the time I was told that was normal wear and tear (as I did outreach work and the laptop travelled alot) But they are claiming a bent screen and trackpad. However paying for damages is not in my employment contract. Are they legally able to make me pay for the damages? If so can I ask for several quotes for the damage before I pay? They are threa
  3. Hi Slick, Many thanks for your response. I sent your reply to Zinc and they've come back to me with this, [i)"Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been noted.As we are unable to resolve this matter for you, I need to advise that we have now closed your account with Zinc and returned to our clients. Please contact Xercise 4 Less directly for any further queries. We will advise them of your dispute as they may wish to pursue the matter further."[/i] Does this mean that I can now just sit back and let Harlands waste their time with their hot air letters or do I
  4. Hi everyone, I would be really grateful for some help as I'm loosing sleep over my ongoing battle with Zinc/Harlands/CRS. My partner and I joined Exercise for Less on an 11 month contract in March 2014, by April 2014 we decided to cancel our membership as the gym was not to our liking. I mistakenly believed that I could just cancel my direct debit. Within a few days we started to receive letters. So on 20th April, we sent them a letter offering the £9.99 (taken from the forum). Harlands have denied receiving this letter. So now the debt (which currently stands at £226.00) has been passe
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