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  1. Cheers do, don't you sleep? Oh just looking at their address its a po box in Milton Keynes...I want to send recorded signed for. Should I send to the registered office in London? Cheers T
  2. Thanks dx! Have checked my cf and the default is still showing with Santander. Bit surprised they have not sold it on after all this time! Ok will just send them a letter notifying them of my UK address and then wait and see.... Too easy....as they say over here! Whoops correction.....notifying them of my oz address!!!!
  3. Hi guys sorry for the late reply...bit tricky with time differences here in Oz.! Ok well the account was opened in Camden in 1997. So are you saying write to Santander 'without prejadice'! I would really like to SAR them, and claim back fees. I used to have a 13k overdraft with them which they chopped in half, then halved again which caused me severe problems . If I do this would this start the 6 year process again? Cheers....T
  4. Thanks for your speedy reply Uncle! There certainly have been no payments or communication with Santander since 19/05/12. As I am unsure if I informed them of my plans to live in Australia, my biggest fear is them getting a CCJ without my knowledge on my last address in the UK. I do regularly check my uk credit file but if they obtain a ccj the first I would hear about it would potentially be on Experian and then it would be too late to defend.. Maybe I can write to them from Ozz 'without prejadice' informing them of my new address in Ozz? Cheers
  5. Hi I would love some advise.. I have a default registered by Santander on 19/05/12 for 4325 GBP Long story but I emigrated to Australia in Jan 2013 and cannot remember if I told them! I have checked on Experian and the default still shows Santander as the owner of the debt. I had severe financial problems which was one of the reasons I emigrated. I have dealt with all of my other creditors from here, but I truly despise Santander because of the way they treated me in the mid 2000's cutiing my overdraft limit in half with little notice. I banked with them from
  6. Hi, Please if possible can someone give me some advise? I have worked for a retail clothing company since March 2013. Up until 6th July 2015 I had a standard 'sales agent' contract. After this date I signed a Consultancy Agreement with a small list of retail customers which I was authorised to to provide 'Services to the Company'. For these accounts I earned a fix 6% commission rate on all paid invoices. Any other customers that I influenced sales for the company I also got paid for at the same rate. In my contract it states that the Commercial Agents Regulations act/regula
  7. Oh ok. The only potential issue is that I may be starting a new job in the UK in August next year, and would really not want them on my case..
  8. Hi thanks for your speedy reply! Is it a standard letter if it had an attachment showing all the transactions on the account since 1997? Also I have told them that I querried the amount and have contacted them while in Ozz, so I have had contact. What if say 4 months down the line they email over the CCA? Cheers
  9. Hi, I have a default account with MBNA dated 31/08/10 for a credit card account opened 31/10/97 which has been sold to Arrow Global on 15/02/12. I wrote to Arrow Global to tell them that I do not recognise the £ amount that they are chasing and also that I currently live in Australia, with full residency, in order that they do not try and lodge a CCJ as I am no longer living in the UK. Today I had an email from them '' Please find enclosed of a copy of the statement showing all transactions on this account. At this time we are unable to obtain a copy of your Consumer Credit agreeme
  10. Ok so...[.am I driving you nuts yet!] write to the Court with my defense referring only to the CCJ and copy Link? Or do i write a defense as to why the debt went unpaid ? THANKS...
  11. mmm ok but the judge asked me to write to Link and copy the court!
  12. Hi Andy, sorry if i come across as a little simple! So write to Link [ and copy the court] saying that judgement has been set aside, and defend my reasons for non payment? Even if they have stated that they will not be taking any further recovery action? Or just send them the papers I sent to the court that supported my successful action to get the CCJ set aside? Thanks...again!
  13. Hi dx and Andy, Really appreciate your advice. So my defence must refer to the original debt only, and why it has not been paid? Link have written to me telling me that they will 'cease all recovery action on the account' so do I ask them who I should contact in order to get this cleared up? eg GE Money, who sold the debt to Link? Thanks
  14. Hi dx thanks for getting back. Unfortunately not as I am in Australia. The judge read it out to me, but it only really cited the fact that they doubted that I lived in Australia when the CCJ was lodged 09/10/13. The evidence that I sent in writing to the court proving my Australian residency and dates of entry into the country was enough to satisfy the judge that the CCJ should be set aside. I will call the court Friday morning for guidance. Thanks...
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