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  1. What are the consequences of one party referring to without prejudice discussions in court without the consent of the other party?
  2. I lost a case and I have to pay their legal cost ... Now I'm appealing the Civil Court Decision. .. An agreement reached to withdraw the appeal in an exchange of not paying their legal cost. I'm in continuous contact with the defendants and I'm worried if something else arise in the future (not related to this settled claim) .. will I be barred from taking any legal action or not ? Because simply they can victimise me with another matter in the future so I do not want to be deprived from my legal right to challenge any such a victimisation if it arise in the future.
  3. I'm new here and I have a question in regard to the wording below "This agreement is in full and final settlement of all claims that the Claimant may have against the Defendants in relation to the claim and/or any other claims howsoever or whensoever arising as at the date of the withdrawal of the appeal, whether the Claimant is currently aware of any such claims or not." I'm just about to sign a settlement in regard to civil issue. Does the wording above prevent me as a claimant from taking any legal action against the defendants in the future even if it is something that is not
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