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  1. Hey, thanks for the response. I understand that there needs to be a deterrent for travellers evading fares, I wish there was a bit of leeway, at the inspectors' discretion, when it comes to genuine mistakes. I have now paid the fine and will follow your advice to appeal. The ticket was not confiscated and I kept it for my first appeal. I will attach it with a second appeal and update when I get a response. Cheers again for the help
  2. Hi there, I don't know if anyone can help, or if anything can be done, my problems are twofold. I received a Penalty Notice in October due to not showing a valid ticket. I purchased an off peak travelcard for all zones to travel across South London for the evening. The travelcard was purchased at a Southern Network Rail station just before getting on a bus to a London Overground Station. I then travelled two stops on the train and got off where I was stopped by inspectors who informed me that I had purchased a ticket for the wrong date (the next day). I realised that in my rush as well as being on the phone trying to sort an issue, I must have pressed the next day on the machine which I purchased the ticket from but understood that as it was a genuine mistake I would have to purchase another travelcard. To my surprise, the ticket inspector informed me then that I would be liable to pay a penalty fare due to not having a ticket to show. I explained that I just did not look at at the ticket when I got it, I did not attempt to evade a fare and this was not even the end of my journey as I still had to get on the Underground, I also presented my ticket to the driver of the bus and unfortunately the barriers were open at the London Overground Station where I got on the train so would never have used the ticket had I have been made aware. I have appealed the penalty fare, but it was rejected on the grounds that it is my responsibility and I should have let a member of staff know before I travelled. I presented my ticket to a bus driver before any train travel and I had obviously purchased a ticket just before I was about to travel, does this amount to fare evasion?? I have now been given 14 days as of last week Tuesday to 2nd Appeal but also to pay the fine. It is however not clear if I must pay the fine and appeal at the same time, or appeal and if rejected again, then pay the fine. I also want to ask if it is worth my time appealing again, or let it go I guess.
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