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  1. Hi Ell-enn. Thanks i hope your correct . So how would i proceed or reply to them?? Do you also suggest sending a SAR request (though i dont know exactly what this and cant they just omit things if they see fit?) I also read on another site not to sent a request to Acendon but to Eurosail or someone as Acendon dont actually own the loan. I cant get my head around this and who im actually dealing with. Thanks Bob p.s Has anyone actually taken them to the small claims court ie . started a claim themselves rather than them issuing you with proceedings. Would this be a viable route to reclaim charges etc.. that havent been paid yet but have been applied to our account.
  2. Hi Ell-enn, Thanks for you reply. would a judge treat arrears of £250 and the fees separately?? We have actually written to them sometime before the last advisor visit, asking them to explain the charges in detail (and that our actual arrears were only 2 months) they replied several weeks later with a large bundle of paper listing charges etc... (around 30 pages of stuff) . They made no mention that i could see of the arrears being only 2 months payments and seem to class it all as arrears. The advisor who we showed it to couldnt make much sense of it either and even advised us to start a PPI claim against them for PPI that they have added to the loan from the beginning which we didnt ask for and would of been little benefit to me anyway. This is never mentioned in any run down of charges or the rare statements we receive from them. I dont even know if they are charging us for house insurance ,i wouldnt be surprised if they are .We have always had our own from a reputable firm. They did try to send out another advisor a few weeks back from a different firm (i suspect they werent happy with the other ones advice). We phoned and cancelled it but not sure whether they have charged us for that either. So what would you suggest a reply to be to the letter we have just received form them demanding payment of all the arrears??? or passing to solicitor??? Or making a payment arrangement (which we thought we were already doing at £10 a month extra on top of regular monthly payment). Thanks Bob
  3. Hi, First post here out of desperation. We took out a home secured loan around 6 years ago(possibly more ) for £10K to do some home improvements. (initially through south pacific ,is a secured loan the same as a mortgage ?) we are on very low income . I work self emplyed for a pittance and my wife is now claiming state pension. We missed two payments of just over £120 each a few years back, which we initially were going to pay but they quickly added to the total with arrears management fees etc. we have plodded on despite a drop in income and never missed a payment since. They have sent an advisor out 2-3 times without us agreeing and charging us £90.00 a time. The last time we agreed with the advisor to pay an extra £10.00 a month to help clear the arrears which we have done despite Acendon not acknowledging this offer or agreeing to it. This we have done now for over 12 months. They continue to add a £70.00 arrears management fee on plus a £5 fee for alternative payment method (we were advised by the advisor to pay through the bank faster payments system,which we have been doing. We received a letter today stating that the arrears is now almost £3K and due to the level of arreas they now intend to pass the matter to solicitors unless we pay the whole amount of arrears. Do charges count as arrears in a court??? We have missed two payments totaling less than £250 and they have us now owing almost £3K. This matter is worrying me sick . I have to look after my wife who has a couple of illnesses ,but was refused any form of benefit,and i have to work around this,every day. Any advice would be great ful on how to deal with these people. I refuse to talk to them on the phone any longer and only deal with them by letter. Thanks very much Bob
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