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  1. What about the fees they refused to refund?? Do i need to do a spreadsheet thing? Thanks Another query is when i sent them a SAR request i notice they have paid the £10 into my mortgage /loan account, it is showing as a cheque. Is that right. I sent a postal order with details on back including not to be used for any other purpose etc....
  2. How do i proceed from here?? Especially in regards to the lightfoots letter? Dx, interest on the fees they`ve refunded or all of them. I believe they charge interest on fees after 28 days of when the charge was made at a rate of 11.00% variable. Thankyou
  3. Ok heres the details of letter etc... from Lightfoots. Showing charges etc.. since missed payments 2010. They have already just this last week refunded approx. £1500 from a total of almost £3000. Which left £1300 which according to lightfoots has become £1600 in a few days according to one part of the attachment . There are certain irregularities with the payments etc.. i`ve noticed. They haven`t refunded interest etc.... Any advice? I haven`t received the SAR yet so can`t compare. Also their so called default sub account stops in May this year for some reason and makes no mention of recent arrears balance of approx £280 0 and subsequent refund of £1500 approx. Very odd. Heres a scan of their recent partial refund of charges as a gesture of goodwill. This was in reply to the draft letter provided by Ell-enn in post #9 of this thread.
  4. Hi Ell-enn, basically thats what i seem to to deduce a total mortgage loan shortfall of £17 ,they have 3 sub accounts showing. .I have prepared a pdf of the details from lightfoots. I have blanked all personal info from it. Is there a way i can show you it,i`ve also noted several unusual payment irregularities which we a going to check. Thanks Bob
  5. Hi, Received a default notice today from lightfoots solicitors, saying default demanding payment by the 4th December of £1300 arrears fees,etc... Is there anyway someone could have a quick look though this if i put it into a pdf document and tell me if i`m mistaken. Im worried about posting the PDF on the open forum but any suggestions??? Even myself who doesn`t understand this it appears i have a mortgage loan shortfall of a grand total of £17.00. (we have been paying an extra £10 a month on advice of their field agent for the last 18 months or so but that doesn`t add up to the two missed payments ,ive also just discovered that after the original default of two payments that my wife set up a repayment plan with them for a while so this sounds likely that i am only £17.00 short on missed payments. The rest is in a what they are calling a sub account ,default fee account. (£1300). They also list an insurance account which is at £0.00 and PPI which is supposedly £0.00 (i know for a fact according to the original agreement they added PPI as a lump sum and added it to the loan total. It stateon the original agreement this consists of around £17.00 of the contractual monthly payment of approx £130.00. Are they threatening repossession proceeding on the basis of an arrears fee account??? Sounds ridiculous from what ive been reading on here. Are they panicking because i am claiming back charges or intend claiming more when they send the SAR. Please help. Thanks Bob p.s Ell-enn ,did you read the request of mine in reply to your offer of a draft letter??
  6. Thanks DX, i think i may ask my mother to contact FOS about this as there may be other issues i`ve overlooked..
  7. Hi Ell-enn, yes please draft a letter ,i will accept any help i can get ,thank you very much. Do you think the SAR request may have sparked them off again or is this just the way these companies operate? Bob
  8. Update and advice needed. As above i requested a SAR ,which they have only just acknowledged yesterday , seem to be draging their heels as they must have had the payment of £10 for a week, they say they will respond etc... in the specified 40 days.... I did request a refund of arrears charges /fees using the latter template provided by ELL-enn. The arrears balance was almost £3000.Including in them is 2 missed payments totally around £250 from almost 3 years ago. They only ever give an arrears balance figure which includes the 2 missed payments and all the charges,etc.. .. they make no distinction between the two(genuine arrears v charges),whatsoever. They claimed their charges were fair but as a gesture of goodwill they would refund all charges after 3months of the last missed payment 3 years ago This totalled £1500 approx. leaving an arrears balance of £1300 approx. Today the robbers sent us a letter saying they have instructed their solicitors to start legal proceedings for repossession due to the serious level of the arrears. Say to contact them immediately and the letter says we must RESTART making payments now or your home may be repossessed. (whats this all about,we havent missed our contractual monthly payment for over 3 years and have been paying £10 extra after advice from a field agent they sent out. Also stating details of £800 legal fees if it goes to court etc... What should i do now , i feel they are going to drag their heels with the SAR. Also am i entitled to the interest on these charges they have refunded ? What is the other £1300 supposed to consist of(2 monthly payments and interest i suspect). To me it seems they refunded some of the charges quickly to make themselves appear fair if it went to court. I feel a bit helpless as i dont have the SAR yet (im going to claim PPI when i get it). I dont want court fees added to my account. I also need the SAR to see if they are charging me for buildings insurance and god knows what else. In the letter they sent to confirm refund of the charges they even kind of complimented us for keeping up we our monthly payments. They are awful to deal with. I don`t want to call them , but intend sending a letter ,but what should i put in it. Please any advice? Thankyou
  9. Hi, I believe but cant be sure that the card APR was more like 16% i`d have to check with my mother. I believe there was PPI on the card . The loan was arranged in the bank branch (LLoyds Tsb ),her account is now with the TSB and i believe the loan is serviced by LLoyds. It just seems bad advice from the bank to advise a long term customer without any adverse credit history to take out a loan specifically to pay of the card balance ,where she would be paying more each month and ending up worse off. I read through this and it does from reading Section 7 that they may have treated her unfairly and not taken into account her finances. They have direct access to her current account so know what regular income comes in to her account. http://www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk/docs/lendingcoderevised0915.pdf Thanks Just checked on some statements and i cant seem to see the Apr but my mother says that she thinks it was either 14 or 16% , she had PPI on it but when she started getting into difficulties she cancelled the PPI which knocked around £35 -£40 off the montly payment and shortly after that they raised the APR to around 22% which left her roughly back to the monthly amount she was paying before she cancelled the PPI. One statement from 2009 says montly interest rate 1.492% for purchases and 2.075% for cash advances. The loan was taken out in Nov 2010.
  10. Hi, If this is in the wrong area of the forum could a moderator please move it to the correct one, thanks. I am asking advice for my mother , she had a credit card with a large balance of £13k with a well known high street bank. My parents are both retired and my mother receives a work pension of around £300 , they are certainly struggling at the moment. The repayments on that card were £240.00 a month 3 years ago. She went to the bank 3years ago(same bank as the card ) and asked for a personal loan to pay it off,which they gave her , the card was paid off and she has a 7 year loan with monthly repayments of £300.00. (the card is no longer in use) When she told me this i was quite shocked as she will be paying almost £24k when the loan has finished. It is 23.00 %APR which is ridiculously high. As you can imagine this is leaving her with almost no money and causing financial hardship. Both my parents have been with this bank since the 1960`s (which later split into seperate arms) ,they have never defaulted on anything or had any bad debts. Can anyone suggest something she can do , HAS THE BANK TREATED HER WITH FAIRNESS AND HAS SHE A CASE TO COMPLAIN?? If so who to?? She has over £6000 left to pay on the loan and i cant see any mention of PPI (she would have been retired when it was taken out.) Thanks p.s she is the type to never complain about anything, and i know some would say just default on it but she would never do this.
  11. I hope the SAR will show this week and i`ll send a reply to their letter. Thanks Bob
  12. Hi Dx, Yes i know its my problem but when you haven`t done this before its difficult to get your head around financial jargon. Its ok to take your time but these companies make it sound like urgency is crucial . I know the team on here are volunteering their time , and i fully appreciate any input /advice given . Thanks
  13. Hi Dx, thanks So do i wait for the SAR before sending them a reply?? (even though they state they are going to put £1500 back within the next 10 days) I really want to do this right , and try and get out of this mess .I find it mind boggling just reading all these threads on here. I haven`t even used a spread sheet before so you can understand my frustration.
  14. Just noting the strange address for Kensington, Its usually Skipton in Yorkshire or Reading registered head office , that post code sounds suspiciously like Acendon or their associates
  15. HI, I sent Acenden the mortgage/loan arrears charges refund letter, as linked to by Ell-enn in post # 9 of this thread. I requested a SAR a few days later but havent had any acknowledgement yet. I received a letter from them about the arrears charges saying they think they are fair but as a gesture of goodwill we are willing to refund a total of just over £1500 going from one date to the present composed of £70 arrears management fees and £5 alternative payment fees (they do suggest changing our payment menthod). They say they will apply this to our account within the next 10 days. They don`t ask us if we accept this just that we can go to the FOS within 6 months . How do i proceed? Am i going about this the right way? The loan still has around 6 years to run. We missed two payments which all these fees have arisen from . We WOULD still owe the two months + about £1000+ in charges even if we accepted their offer. Should i have waited for the SAR request until i complained? Does their stated arrears balance include interest added or is this hidden somewhere else and am i entitled to claim on top of their stated arrears of almost £3000. I feel totally out of my depth here:-( as i havent claimed back anything on any account before. At the present and for the last 18 months or thereabouts i have been paying an extra £10 on top of the monthly payment to go towards the arrears which they have never acknowledged . This was under the advice of their field agent. Whats to stop them just carrying on adding arrears fees of £70 every month and before we know it we would be back where we started. The way they state the arrears on statements is as one figure which includes all charges as well as the missed two payments ,or at least that is what i believe. I intend to claim PPI as well when i get the SAR but im still unsure about this as it was a single payment added to the loan at the beginning and i believe constitutes around £15 of the montly payment. As its still running do i need to cancel it before claiming or what?? Im totally confused. Never mind the question of interest on PPI and arrears charges ( i believe they apply interest after the first 28 days on arrears charges/fees). I would greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks
  16. hi DX, Is that `no` i shouldn`t answer? Or` no` not the correct thing to do?
  17. Cant see that mentioned ,it has ref to a case Ezsias v Welsh Ministers. I don`t think i got it from this thread but whilst reading other threads. I also sent them the request for refund of arrears at the end of last week and received several phone calls today number 03333000550 (checked up and someone says its acenden). Strangely it only rang 3-4 rings at a time unlike the usual constant ringing. I didnt answer is this the correct thing to do or should i answer???
  18. I am about to send off a SAR request to Acenden, I have two example templates one on the SAR page and one posted by ELL-enn i think which is two pages and a different format (seems more detailed and specific) . Which one do i use ???? Thanks Bob
  19. Thanks DX , do i send it to the PO box on the letters they send you or to the address they state on their website which i assume is their head office which has a different post code and isnt a PO box?
  20. Hi Thanks , ok got the open office sorted . Anyone help with some of the other questions. I also have one about PPI , this loan was taken out through ocean finance in 2006 , i assume as a broker for London Mortgages. Who do i claim PPI from ocean finance, London Mortgages, SPL, Capstone , Acendon ,,etc... who? Ive heard it mentioned Ocean went into insolvency i have found a letter from early last year from them (ocean finance & mortgages ltd ,pacific house tamworth) mentioning PPI mis-selling. Are they the same as the Ocean finance website??? Any advice help appreciated as i am unsure about what totals. interest etc.. to claim. Are you allowed to put up a scan of the orginal loan agreement which help with advice (with our personal names etc... blanked out)?
  21. Thanks, Should all correspondance we send them be signed ? Is there anyway of editing the sample letter you attached without typing the whole thing out again, as it wont allow editing in open office,says read only. When making a SAR request do you just put the address of acenden in the letter and your account number, and will this be sufficient to receive all data they have on this account including when they were capstone and london mortgages etc...? Thanks Bob
  22. Hi DX100uk, Do you happen to know who i send a SAR request to? acendon or eurosail-uk 2007-inc-PLC or state eurosail c/o acendon . Acendon seem to have many addresses the one on the letter i received was a post box, should i use the one on their website? Also which is the best method of payment. id rather not send a cheque. Would a Postal Order be ok?? Sorry for all the questions as i am totally out of my depth dealing with these sort of things but dont want to do anything that will rebound and hit me in my face. Thanks Bob Thanks , also how would i find out if they are charging me for building insurance, as they have never mentioned it to me and no mention on any statements?
  23. Hi Ell-enn, You attached a charge reclaim letter. On it it says late payment fees ,does this need to be altered to arrears management fee?? Also what about charges for field agents and charges for alternative payment method.? Do i just subtract the actual 2 months arrears payments from the large arrears total and put that in ? Thanks Bob
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