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  1. Sorry i must be blind cant see anything ,i`m using open office calc
  2. Dont quite understand ,it should be the present date shouldn`t it?? Thanks
  3. Still seems an awful lot for such small amounts of £15 ??? The later PPI charges are far more almost £100 a month on some statements.. IS this what the FOS would award you if Lloyds refused? Also what do you mean by prove they charged interest on these charges??? I have all relevant statements less the first one the card started in May 2002 and the PPI was cancelled in 2008 or 2009. The full balance of £13000 was paid off in early 2010 with the loan they provided.
  4. So its the foscisheet ,ive only tried tputting in 2 payments of around £15 from 2002 at 16%APR and it already at £261.50 is that correct seems alot???? Is it 16 you put in the apr box or 0.16 or ?? Thanks
  5. Ok Thanks better than nothing i suppose and i wouldn`t have found it without the extra stuff in the SAR:wink:
  6. Yes Dx just realised whilst reading the PPI section. The missing statement appears to be the first one so ,the second and third are dodgy reconstituted statements ,so its making it difficult to get started as there is more columns to fill in and i cant start from a zero balance as the first statement is missing. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  7. Hi, Apparently the card was taken out in May 2002 so only one statement missing.Shall calculate using Stat interest 8% spreadsheet and see what it comes to. Thanks
  8. Hi On going through the SAR on my other thread i found a £1500 loan from 2003 over 24 months with a single premium PPI added . The APR on the loan was 17.9% , although on an adjacent piece of paper it says" interest 16.62% applied throughout the period of this statement to the whole of the outstanding balance.`` Is that all i can claim the 8% statutory interest??? Stat interest spreadsheet attached is that correct? StatIntSheet v101 lloyds Tsb £1500 loan PPI single premium.upload.xls
  9. Hi Dx ,they also state in the letter on top of pile,`` that we have not been able to locate a copy of the original signed credit card agreement!`` Also states ,``please find enclosed a copy of all your available credit card statements.A note is attached detailing the credit card statements no longer obtainable from the banks system``. Havent found the note yet. How is this going to affect a PPI claim if they dont have statements ? Do you send in a questionaire PPI claim along with your own calculations or do you initially just send in the FOS questionaire firstly? Thanks
  10. Hi We were waiting for the SAR request ,which has finally arrived today , we specifically gave only the `card account number` on the request, whats come is all sorts of stuff relating to past loan accounts,current accounts etc but the card information we specifically asked for only goes back to 2002 ,it was taken out before this and there is already over £2000 credit limit on the card back then with the PPI on. Should they have sent all statements or transactions from when the card was taken out????? Rather annoyed at this. Thanks p.s this gives us around 8 years of statements on the card account but it may have been open for 10-15 years.
  11. I put each individual monthly payment into the spreadsheet from when i started the loan until present day with individual dates for each payment (total of 110 payments if i cancelled the PPI this month) it came out as £2079?? I meant to say in the last post usiing the Stat interest spreadsheet which is fixed at 8%.
  12. Hi Dx, Thanks, I follow it now i think. So according to the spreadsheet 8% at month 110 total is £ 2079 .Does that sound about right?? Will the mortgage / loan company be difficult as they will have paid the insurance company the full PPI premium amount upfront ? We are also in dispute with them over lots of things at the moment.
  13. Ive read link and i`m confused by the following. From post #4 in your link: "You can pass the case over to fos or you can sue in court. Fos would award a refund of all PPI payments paid, the interest charged on those payments by the bank plus 8% statutory interest on each of the payments." Ive done statint 8% spreadsheet for up to the month where i am now in the loan. £13.71 is the amount we`ve been paying each month , says on agreement at 11.6% (though seems to have always been 11%) Its the interest charged by the lender on each payment in the quote above that puzzles me , where does the 11% go into a spreadsheet on do i have to do two spreadsheets applying 11% interest to each individual payment and then applying 8% to each payment????
  14. Are you only allowed 8% when we are paying the loan company so much for ppi as a fixed part of the contractual monthly payment and at their interest rate of 11 %???
  15. So you write to the mortgage company ,even when it tied in as part of the loan?? Will they agree to that as they supposedly paid the insurance company a lump sum at the start of the loan?
  16. Hi, Ive read the thread on claiming PPI single premium cover but im still confused on how i go about it.? We are only two thirds of the way through a secured loan/mortgage and the premium was added to the amount we borrowed at the the start of the loan ,so that a certain part of the contractual monthly payment is for the PPI during the whole term of the loan . The term is 180 months and the cover was only for the first 3-5 years, we didn`t ask for it and were told it was needed to get the loan and the boxes were pre-ticked, self employed etc.... Do we claim month by month for 180 months as its tied into our loan monthly payments . Ive downloaded the 8% interest spreadsheet for PPI single premium and im confused???? I know the cost of the PPI loan added to the loan, i know the amount of the PPI part of the monthly payment , but after that looking at the spreadsheet i`m lost ! Do i have to fill in 180 month rows in the spreadsheet even though i`m only 2/3 of the way through the loan. Also another complication is the insurance company has just been incorporated into another company called `Co Vea Insurance` which i havent heard of , from Sterling Insurance. The only documents we have are a wallet welcome pack, no policy no. and none supplied by the loan company in the SAR. Any help appreciated Thankyou
  17. Hi We sent a complaint to TSB about the loan ,etc.. but no reply after almost 6-8 weeks, should i have sent it to LLoyds instead of TSB. Her account was LLoyds TSB, but after they split it is now TSB. Does any correspondance in regards to a credit card that was LLoyds TSB also go to LLoyds . She was paying PPI for a number of years sometimes almost £100 a month. Does a SAR request on a credit card account give details of all transactions on that account from the date she opened the account? We have around 4 or 5 years statements but many years missing and some months in between. Who to send the SAR request for the credit card account to for PPI purposes? We dont want to particularly send £10 to each. Im also confused whether its LLOyds or TSB anything is supposed to be sent to. The last statements on the credit card account she received were from 2010 with LLoyds TSB on them. The card account is still showing on her TSB account with a credit limit of £200 but she hasn`t used it since 2010. Strange that they didnt close it despite providing a loan to pay off the debt. Thanks
  18. Hi Ell-enn, the letter arrived see attached with them granted liberty to resotre within 12 months. I dont see why they should be granted this 12months liberty. And why does it say not attending for us, as we weren`t asked to attend anything. They have also sent us a N244 form as they suggested we could make an appointment with the judge if we weren`t happy, Costing £50. Thanks Bob
  19. Thanks Ell-enn, this has certainly affected us more than usual as Christmas is a hectic time and these companies seem to enjoy adding pressure at this time of year in the hope that you will give in to their demands. Should i write a letter to Acenden asking them to put that £120 back where it belongs as they have created an artificial shortfall by doing this and we are worried they have done it again this month with the payment we`ve just made. Thanks Bob
  20. Hi Ell-enn, My wifes is even less clued up than me , but they did say it was being adjourned and that we would receive a letter confirming this. You`ve got me worried now on the `need not attend` bit?? If the court has said it is being adjourned does that mean there is nothing happening to attend??? We can always give them a ring to be clear?? What exactly does ` generally with leave to restore `that Lightfoots say in the letter we got from them ,mean??. It isnt a sneaky way of getting some sort of Suspended repossession order ,or is that only possible if the case went ahead. Thanks Bob
  21. From my lack of knowledge and total ignorance, they may be unable to lend money but that doesnt mean they cant own money or assets or take court action. But i understand that its highly confusing and after looking at all these companies with their parent companies on companies house i cant understand how they are even allowed to operate.
  22. And what does Eurosail uk-2007 1NC PLC current status cancelled mean .I don`t understand these things.
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