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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply but we don`t intend sending a PPI questionaire until we have a SAR .

    She had forgotten all about this account opened in the late 1980`s and still active in £2.00 credit. according to a letter she received from Barclays recently .

    Is the address we sent to the correct address for a DSAR request???

    Also is it worthwhile sending the SAR (if i dont can she get a PO refunded at the post office)as i dont think shes used the card since around 2000 but she doesnt know whether PPI was on it. I suspect there most likely was .


  2. Hi , Im helping my mother deal with an old Barclaycard. We sent a SAR request a week ago to

    this address: The data Controller , Barclays Bank Plc One Churchill Place London E14 5 HP.

    She today received the letter back, with a Royal Mail sticker on with `refused box ticked`.


    Is that the wrong address or are they being obstructive????

    Any advice appreciated,


  3. Hi Regarding the interest rate ,i brought this up with a FOS adjudicator in regards to a different sub prime lender. Ours states 11% var. on our original agreement but it has never changed in 10 years . The FOS say it is 11% and will remain 11% , i don`t understand this at all and question if these adjudicators know what they are talking about? Our balance is the same as when we started the loan (capital repayment loan) and interest charged has barely changed over the years .

  4. Hi

    Id like to keep this separate from my other threads, but i`ve been constantly told by Acenden acting on behalf of Eurosail that they cant do anything as regards charges (or anything else) on our account before Nov 2010 when they supposed took ownership of our loan from Southern Pacific mortgage limited (also known as London Mortgage company , Southern Pacific Personal Loans ,etc......).

    I was furious when also told this by an FOS adjudicator as well .


    How can this be ?

    Southern Pacific Personal Loans Limited are supposedly in insolvency with an address in Leeds, but Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited also named on our paperwork appear to be still going (active and operating from 110-118 Union Street London.)


    Southern Pacific personal Loans limited (also known as London Mortgages) are described in our paperwork as the appointed representatives of Southern Pacific Mortgage limited.


    So i would assume SPML would be described as the parent company of SPPL (London Mortages) and so should be liable for the account prior to Nov 2010.


    Am i completely naive and wrong in thinking this??


    Southern Pacific were responsible for alot of the charges /capitalised fees amongst other irregularities on our account.

    Is there any point in pushing for an actual ombudsmans decision when the adjudicators decision is something we feel is a ridiculous decision.



  5. I specifically told her that if they ring to just tell them to contact me as i am the one dealing with it and then put the phone down. But shes too polite !


    We have put in a formal complaint to Lloyds ,also telling them that we want anything that was discussed or said to be disregarded as she is not capable of answering the questions.

    We asked for this to be confirmed in writing.


    And they have also just sent a letter today still claiming that the card which is the subject of this thread doesnt appear to have had any PPI attached to it.

    and so they have closed the case.


    I got straight onto the ombudsman as they sent a similar letter a few weeks back .

    I included in the email to the ombudsman scans of three statements one from 2002.

    one from 2005 and one from april2009 the month before the ppi was cancelled.


    Is this typical behaviour from Lloyds

    ,how can they deny it as the whole of the statements barr the very first one from the period were included in the SAR request??

  6. I put in a further questionaire concerning an earlier loan PPI to LLoyds on behalf of my mother .



    We filled in the form giving me permission to deal with the claim.



    Do LLoyds have any right to ring my mother and ask for loads of details ,

    when she can hardly remember what she did yesterday.



    Surely if its put down on the form that i am complaining on her behalf

    then surely any correspondance should be made with me???

    She is not capable of complaining on her own.


    She was on the phone for 1/2 hour and can`t hardly remember what she told them or what they asked?

    Im fuming about it.


  7. Hi DX,

    Im having an awful time with the FOS trying to get them to understand what i`m claiming here. One of their advisors has split the case into two different ones one for the card and one for the loan.

    They keep sending emails saying as there is no evidence of PPI on the loan we might not be able to help.

    Ive sent all the details about the situation, taking advantage of my mother , ,etc... Leaving her with no money... spreadsheets for the card PPI carried into the loan but they dont seem to understand what im talking about.

    I really dont want to mess this up.


  8. I have asked someone with more experience to look in on this thread. Please be patient as I know they are busy.

    Hi Ell-enn anything yet??


    Could anyone else please state whether or not

    if a loan has supposedly changed ownership ,

    are the new owners liable for the whole agreement up to the present date .

    ie in regards to any actions on the account from the start ,fees /charges , legal fees/action ???



    Or can they claim that anything that happened before they took over has nothing to do with them??



  9. Hi Ell-enn thanks.

    What they are now doing is downright unlawful, they are intent on the raising arrears balance back up in any devious way they can(after removing over £2000 in fees shortly before the court action in Dec 2015) and the capital balance is the same as it was when we took out the loan in 2006.

    There is no way this can be paid off in the 5 years 8 months remaining on the loan.

  10. bob, is your complaint to the FOS still live ? If so, you can add to it. If not, then I would submit a further complaint and reference the previous one.


    Although if this is subject to current court action, I am not sure if you can make a complaint to the FOS as they will not get involved whilst legal action is ongoing (I think)


    Hi Citizen B,

    Ive complained to them (FOS) and have a reference number ,but unsure if they are even taking the case on. ive sent them around 100 pages of stuff so far .


    Acenden are still doing stuff like adding (not deducting) our full monthly payment on to the arrears balance and the interest we should pay out of it adding that onto the capital balance probably in the hope that we havent noticed before the next statement is due .


    This is illegal as far as i`m aware.

    The court case was adjourned by them almost on the same day it was issued and they were granted liberty to restore. This left us with almost £600 of legal fees added to our account.

    I just dont know what to do about this disgraceful company.




    Heres some snippets from Acendens latest letter.

    First one is what they said in a letter received on the same day as court papers in Dec2015.

    Second is their latest change of mind on the £120.00 and that legal action is based on outstanding contractual mnthly payments and fees combined???


    Third, is we asked why no documents in SAR from the whole of 2008.


    Lastly their claim the court was fully aware of the arrears balance ,they stated on court papers it was £1300 , but at the time it was £600 and consisted entirely of fees.


    snippet 2


    snippet 3


    snippet 4

    what 4.jpg




  11. Hi.

    Ell-enn are you around , we received a letter today from Acenden,



    i response to our on going complaint .

    As stated earlier in this thread ,

    Acenden helped themselves to £120 of our monthly payment in November 2015

    shortly before court action (their excuse was we paid 5 days early)

    ,they applied this amount to their so called default fee account.


    I was under assumption that according to the FCA monthly payments must be applied to any payment shortfall

    before addressing any arrears fees or charges???


    In a complaint about this Acenden said they could return this to our capital account

    to be applied correctly , they are now saying that they cannot do this!


    They also state in response to my complaint

    (about the arrears charges which were the subject of court action, consisted entirely of fees/charges),

    that any litigation action is based not just on any missing payment arrears

    but on a combination of any missed payments and the charges.



    Is this right ,sounds like nonsense from what im led to believe after reading these forums.


    Also if you have made a complaint to the FOS ,

    do you still make complaints to the company as they are doing other things at the moment which are downright illegal.


    They also keep stating that any complaints regarding the account prior to 12th Nov 2010

    can not be addressed by Eurosail (present owners ) but must be dealt with by Southern Pacific (original owners) ,



    is this correct ,

    i would expect if Eurosail now claim to own the debt then they are responsible for the whole agreement term.


    The loan is a second charge, regulated under the consumer credit act 1974.


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