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  1. Hi Sleepless, I managed to return a call I received from the Natwest/RBS SAR team and they provided me with additional addresses for statements and loan agreements (also sent my money back). Haven't been doing this long enough to call this advise, or make a recommendation on what to write but the following addresses came from Natwest SAR team - I've received information about my loan agreement showing a PPI premium (not the agreement, just a summary), so one of the addresses is valid at least: Statements Data Protection Team (Statements) Chatham R
  2. My understanding is that it isn't whether they can prove the funds were received. The enforceability of the debt relates to the terms of the agreement and the relevant law at the time.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Not planning to make them aware they can't read a calendar but will take a look at the PPI, if the account's closed guessing they'd struggle to keep anything that's due back!
  4. Not sold, most recent statement I have is on Natwest headed paper (addressed from their CMS Recoveries Branch), but my last arrangement to pay was via Robinson Way, so think RW were only providing collection services. So even though I opened the account after 2007, no agreement, no enforcement - am I getting that right? Would claiming for PPI then make it enforceable?
  5. Have received a response to a CCA I sent to Natwest (attached), would appreciate some advise as to how to proceed. Details of debt Original Creditor: Natwest Current Creditor: Natwest Date Opened: 15th June 2008 Default date: Sept 2009 Opening balance: £18k (£28k according to old credit report from 2014?) Current balance: £15k Last payment: March 2015 DCA: Robinson Way, but no recent letters received. QUESTION - Response from Natwest states that the loan agreement will have been destroyed. As the debt is post 2007, I'm not sure if this means it is enforceable or not?
  6. Original Creditor: MBNA Date of agreement: 12/10/2005 Current owner: Arrow Global Current balance: £4223.87 Default date: August 2010 Last payment: 2013 (?) DCA: Capquest Got into problems in 2009, tried Baines and Ernst, realised they were a rip-off so set up my own DMP; have had 2 children since so started making only token payments in 2009, then stopped payments to MBNA/Arrow in 2013 (can't remember why). Account was in "Arrangement to pay" from Jan 2009, defaulted August 2010 Total balance when I fell into difficulties was £4,598.87. SAR sent t
  7. Hi, would appreciate some advice if possible. History of this debt - Original Creditor: MBNA Date of agreement: 12/10/2005 Current owner: Arrow Global Current balance: £4223.87 Default date: August 2010 Last payment: 2013 (?) DCA: Capquest Current issue - Got married a few months ago and have changed surname, found CAG and decided to sort my act out. Recently sent CapQuest a CCA request (using CAG template), trying to get things sorted. Before they even received it my neighbour popped round with a letter they had incorrectly sent to her address. Sh
  8. Sounds good, thanks for the info. Have been reading forum for months, chuffed I haven't messed the process up yet.
  9. First post, so hoping I've followed all the recommendations. Would appreciate some advice following a recent SAR request I sent to NatWest. Used the template from the CAG library to send a SAR to NatWest and they've called today to ask exactly what I was looking for. Not very good at being forceful on the phone, so rather than saying "everything I asked for in writing", I explained I needed transactions and credit agreements. They are supposed to send me a list of transactions for all of my accounts that I will then comb through for any reclaimable charges and supply me det
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