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  1. Hi, Thanks in advance for any help and advice! I left Dubai in July 2010 and had a car loan. I took the car back to the dealer and spoke to the bank about the remaining amount due on the car loan before I left. I was leaving relatively quickly and had about 3 weeks to sort all of this out. The value of the car was about the same as the amount left on the loan. I think there might have been AED 10,000 difference . I spoke to the bank and had to wait two weeks to get a letter with the remaining loan amount before I could settle. Unfortunately the bank was late with this letter and I got on my flight and left this behind. This was possibly a little naive. 5 and a bit years later I have received a letter from a debt collection agency asking for AED 169,000 (approx £25,000). I think they have sent the letter hoping they have the correct address as I do not think they are 100% sure that I live here. Can i ignore the letter or should I respond? I am worried about responding as the amount is so much! I really cannot aford £25,000 - we'd have to sell our home to pay such a debt.
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