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  1. Thanks , I have today written a complaint into TT, not that they will respond.. I originally sent in the one from the link above in writing and email ,but they obviously didn't let me go penalty free as i assumed they would, they would if i'd of had my details stolen ,which i think is unfair, we should have been able to leave because of feeling insecure.
  2. Many thanks for your email. We would like to assure you that the recent cyber attack on our website is receiving our highest priority. We have and will continue to keep you and all customers informed about the cyber attack. We now know the extent of the data accessed is significantly less than originally suspected and we are in the process of contacting affected customers to let them know if any of their data was stolen. We can confirm that sensitive financial information, such as credit and debit card numbers, was protected and investigations so far show that the information that may have been accessed is not enough on its own to take money from your bank account. In addition, we have securely shared our customers’ details with the major UK banks so they can take their usual actions to protect customers’ accounts in the highly unlikely event that a criminal attempts to defraud them. It’s important to remember that the cyber attack was a criminal act and we continue to act in line with our terms and conditions. Based on the information you provided we can see that your account has now been cancelled with TalkTalk. You should have received a letter confirming if there any outstanding charges left to pay and an estimate of what these will be. Your final bill will be calculated in the coming weeks and sent to you. You can also check these online in My Account. This is what talktalk emailed back in dec 2015,everybody was cancelling not just me.. Thanks for your quick reply,, I didn't leave mid way i think i had 2months left before my contract ended and the cyber attack and **** internet gave me a way out so i thought, Talk talk just say it's been sold over to lowells and out their hands, ,yet i emailed them,everyone else got out easy why me.. Can i ask lowells for my orininal contract to see just what they are charging me for? that's the site i went on at the time and printed of the letter and also emailed them..
  3. I'm a newbie so going to take a look around
  4. Hi everyone i'm new here ,need help and i found this group,it's amazing how your guys help each other... i have a problem with lowells letter regarding an old talk talk bill, its from the time they got cyber attacked and my son said we should quit we only had a few months left and it was beginning to be unsecure. .Lowells have sent me a bill for 256.81 they want to discuss payments and are harrassing my son with phone calls even though the bill is in my name, we have been with vigin now for over 2 yrs, we thought they had accepted our email to get out of contract due to security,,, what do i do? do i respond to these horrible people.. .thanks in advance..
  5. Hi, another forum are walking me through it, if i have any problems i will let you no.. I do want to say a massive thank you for just being here,you made me feel safe.Just looking through this site,you all do an amazing job. I will be here everyday ,just because reading the stuff you all do is amazing.
  6. Hi ,i need help, i'm 23,carer,and live on 60 income support, i've had a court letter today for an orange contract i took out when i was at college in 2010. what happened was the phone broke 3months roughly before my contract was due to end, i had no insurance as i was living on 30 ema a week, i phoned they said nothing they could do so i just stopped paying the last 3months. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal as i'd paid every payment before that for over a year never missed. please walk me through what to do ,it says i have to go on moneyclaim.gov to respond, i thought i'd get your advice because you all seem to know what you're on about. Lowells want total 237.69, which seems extreme and i cannot afford. I did receive letters before reguarding my bill but i just ignored, because it was only for last months and i thought they would give up. Shall i offer a minimum monthly payment out my benefit? thanks for listening.
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