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  1. I was down near the car park in question last night. I had a feeling the signage on the google streetmap was an old one and sure enough, the signage has been updated. presume that's not good for me? I've always used that car park but clearly been put under 'new management'
  2. Thanks. Just seen the google photo at the entrance so see what you mean. The absence of the full details overrides anything displayed beyond that is how I understand it? I have someone looking at the dodgy posting/franking dates who should be able to tell me in a few days whether the info matches. I will let you know for interest sake & then I'll think about a reply to them. Certainly not paying up
  3. The car park is a place called the Doddridge Centre (doddridgecentre.org.uk). Check out the website & the huge parking warning on the front page - shows they must be having lots of bother. Its actually linked to the local council. Cant believe they use these people.
  4. Hi HB Scottish origins but I'm in Northampton and PCN is in Northampton. Just to clarify - really wanted to know what constitutes proving it was received late as I'm sure many people say the same && they will dismiss out of hand. And whether I should acknowledge. Thanks
  5. Hi - new to this so apologies if covering old ground. I have received a PCN via ANPR for parking on the 13/10/15. I received the PCN today, 2nd November, which is outwith the 14 days requirement I have read about. PCN is dated 21/10 and the envelope is franked 22/10 and, again from what I've read tonight, the law assumes it was delivered within a few days UNLESS I can prove otherwise. There's no way it took 10 days to get here & I suspect they manipulate dates to appear they stay within the 14 days limit & make you panic with only a few days to pay the les
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