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  1. Thank you very much for the info, you've been a big help!
  2. Hi, thanks for commenting. Equifax shows I defaulted on first card on 06/01/2012. It then shows Cabot taking it over and they updated it on 15/11/2015 and show it as defaulted. I had a Mint card that defaulted on 27/03/2012. Equifax now shows that as paid but Cabot updated it on 06/10/2016 and show it as defaulted. The first card was with Capital One and doesn't show on my Experian report. My Experian report shows I've been in default with Cabot for 6 months so that goes in with the Mint card.
  3. In 2012 I went down the CCA road and defaulted with 2 credit cards, it was getting managed by a company called General Recoveries. They went bust so I'm dealing with it myself now. In the last 2 years I received letters from Cabot who had taken over both accounts. I sent them CCA letters, they replied acknowledging debts would be unenforcable if they couldn't get the agreement etc. Hadn't heard anything for a while and have recently checked my credit report as I was hoping to get a mortgage next year when it will be over 6 years since the original defaults. My score was fair on Expe
  4. Yeah I should just have done it myself. I'll keep the thread updated with any contact I get from them.
  5. I've read threads. Just want to know that I'm going about things the right way. The CMC was dealing with things like this on my behalf previously. As mentioned earlier, any help or advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hi dx, thanks for the reply I have no intention of filling in the budget request sheet. Should I just wait until they respond about the CCA request? If Capital One were unable to enforce this then surely Cabot can't?
  7. I sent the CCA request and have only received a letter from them saying they haven't heard from me yet. They also sent a budget sheet for me to fill in. Can anyone advise how I should respond?
  8. My last payment to capital one was about 4 years ago. I've never paid Cabot or any collectors. I sent any letters to the CMC and they dealt with them. With them no longer there I don't know what to do. What's a CCA request and what would it do? Thanks for the reply. Ok I know what a CCA request is, yeah I thought that would be my next move. Is this the right road to go down? I guess I'm already well down that road already!
  9. Almost 4 years ago I signed up with a CMC to use section 77/78 of the consumer credit act to make 2 credit card debts unenforceable. One with Capital One for just under £2k and one with Mint for £1k. Both are now defaulted, regret doing it now but it's done. I hadn't heard anything for a while now I've had letters from Cabot saying they've bought the debt from Capital One. I'd normally send this onto the CMC but have just found out they went into administration. I need some advice from anyone that's been in this situation please or dealt with these com
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