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  1. Hi all I received a settlement figure of £400 from Advantage that I accepted. That was for what they said I owed on the account plus £200 odd for repairs. It's an ok result although I feel like I shouldn't of had to pay anything but just to squash it and get them out of my hair, I accepted it. I won't be able to claim the ppi as that was a condition of the closure and they were claiming there was no overpayment. I am relieved to not have to pay £1800 but still feel like I was had! Thanks so much for all your help and advice.
  2. Oh goodness I just found the spreadsheets. Complicated or what... All 4 have a different aim... I will do the SAR tomorrow, I assume there is a templae on here somewhere. I am just so nervous, this just seems like it's gonna go on forever! Thanks so much everyone.
  3. Exactly! I have noticed that some people are using spreadsheets to show how much the have paid for ppi/Gap. Do I need to do this or should I wait the 8 weeks for a response to my complaint via fos? Do you recommend I complete a sar?
  4. Hi, I posted it on 1st Nov with the 2 other letter I got more recently. I took off all the personal details and may have also taken off the dates! thanks
  5. I have spoken to the fos and they have sent a letter of complaint on my behalf to Advantage. They should get back to me and then I will lodge a formal complaint via fos to Advantage should they not give a satisfactory response. I had posted the agreement a couple of days ago minus the personal information. I hope you can help. Thanks
  6. Hi I sent Advantage an email last night and I received a reply today saying that basically they believe that the repairs when necessary and that the payment is still required. I am going to reply today but I don't know what to write should it be now in the second email that I say that I am going to the Financial Ombudsman Service or should I not mention it yet. Thank you for your help
  7. This letter did originally have the Shoreham Auction logo on it, I just took off my personal information. I realised that I need to quote CCA 1974 but what do I need to say specifically. I am really struggling to write this email. Also I can't find a form to claim PPI on the FOS website for Advantage, just lots of banks. Does anyone know if there is a generic form? I really want to claim my insurances back. Thanks guys
  8. Hi, Today I received the breakdown of 'repairs' and it was ridiculous. I want to write to them about this tonight so I can email it to the person on my case. I will explain that I dont feel these 'repairs' were needed as the car was in good condition for its age and the 'damage' does not tally with the price. I think the only thing I could maybe agree with is the clean for the interior at £100 - it was cream so it could have done with a clean but most of the stains were there when I bought the car. Is there anything in the law that I need to point of or anyth
  9. The letter was dated the 21st September and they said I had 21 days from that date to return the car so i believe that was the date it was accepted although I requested it a few days before, unfortunately my payment date is the 20th which maybe why they are claiming I had arrears. I have attached the pink form. Its hard to read even on the paper. It says something like all seats stained which there at purchase, the sets are cream and the car was a feb 2007 reg so there would be. I also just noticed the receipt is from Shoreham Vehicle Auctions so its probably been sold by now. [ATTA
  10. Hi, Not too many questions at all, I am really thankful for your advice. Yes have a copy of the condition report, just a pink copy of the original. I am unsure of the last contractual payment. I just checked and the car was collected on 12th oct not 19th as I previously said. I cancelled my direct debit when the accepted my VT so I missed Septembers payment but when I received the letter that I owed £330 odd (attached) , they said they could take it in 2 payments, oct and Nov so I paid october 20th the 1st half. Yesterday the sent me a request for £24 in late fees (also attached
  11. Hi, I am unsure what this is for as I never missed a payment. they told me I had to pay almost £400 when I wanted to VT and that they would spilt in between last month this month (Nov). I'm assuming this was so I could get up to the 50% mark but no, I do not have any arrears. They wanted me to return the car by the 19th and it was collected on that day, I was not there but my husband was and he signed the report - does that matter than I didn't sign it? They said that the nearest drop off point was in Slough and I live in south London so its over an hour away so I paid because I thou
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]60069[/ATTACH] I have attached the VT repair letter. Is this what you meant? Hopefully I have done it correctly, its just a picture. Thnaks
  13. Thank you. I want to be able to quote something in my letter to back me up so they know I know what I am on about. What legislation should I mention - Just the CCA 1974 100 and 101? any specific points? Thanks again!
  14. Thanks everyone. I was going to call them but I will email them instead for the full 'repair' requiremnets and costings. Once I get that I will point out what you said Dodgeball regarding the CCA 1974 and request a refund of insurances and collection cost. I will also do this in writing. I am assuming even after I challenge their costings they will come back to me straight away with more pressure, do I then go to the FOS or do I do something before that? Thanks do much guys, this is so new to me!
  15. Thats great news. I don't want to fight just to get that information. I don't understand, I didn't need to pay? could I claim that back with the different insurances I have been paying and not used? I guess that would come after I get a detailed report? Thank you
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