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  1. hi, i know its a bit late, but I am a new member. could you provide more information on what exactly happened?
  2. hello goodatresearch, Yes the offer to settle is without prejudice. my claim is that I paid for treatment that I did not have to pay for, on the understanding that I would be reimbursed. However, when I made a claim for reimbursement, the defendant changed his story and said that my treatment was private. I have evidence against him proving my case which is why I believe they want to settle. I started the small claims to get my money back after many unsuccessful attempts at reaching an agreement with him. So the letter states that the defendants' solicitors are looking for a r
  3. thank you citizenB. I really appreciate it.
  4. The value for the claim is £1000. It just says the would like an extension to prepare their defence and costs in the case. Nothing else.
  5. Hi all, I recently started a claim against an individual. His solicitor wrote to me this week advising me that they are willing to settle the case and pay me in full at the same time have asked me to agree to an order for "costs in the case". I do not know what this means. Could someone please help me? Is this something I should agree to? Thank you for any help you can provide. kind regards Nigel
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