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  1. @unclebulgaria67 many thanks. I'll likely drop an sar when I manage to get back into work. It does seem daft though that they'd have to go through a lot of work to complete an sar, but aren't willing to spend the 30 seconds copying one form. @honeybee13 - no phone unfortunately
  2. Hi many thanks for your reply. I'm not really looking to complain or order a mountain of paperwork, I'm just a bit ocd when it comes to paperwork I have signed. So I was just wondering either what I can do/say at the time of signing the paperwork to demonstrate that I have a right to a copy, or whether I don't actually have that right at that stage (which I'm happy to accept if it is the case). Also I hope I'm not becoming a pest over this, this is a great forum and you are all really helpful! Best wishes Sophie
  3. So the bottom line is that I don't have the right to expect a copy at the time of filling it out, but can obtain one afterwards using sar?
  4. Many thanks for your replies, and suggestions for sar. I wasn't really looking for how to recover the details on the form after it has been processed, but more on what my rights are as far as asking for a copy just after it has been completed. There isn't anything on the form about how the data is used, and apparently the forms are kept for 18 months (from the FOI request at https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/job_centre_plus_card#incoming-637404 )
  5. Hi, as you probably know, a lot of benefits allow you to apply for a "travel card" which provides 50% off public transport travel. My question isn't about the card but the application process. I filled in some paperwork to apply for the card and asked for a copy, but was refused on the grounds that it was an "internal document". With the laws concerning data protection and GDPR, am I entitled to a copy of this form (and any other similar paperwork) or was he correct and this is an exception due to it being and "internal document"? Thanks in advance Soph
  6. Many thanks for the replies, I agree exposure to phones isn't healthy but DWP will likely follow the official line suggesting there is no link. Also I could ask about who is responsible for costs but if they say they will accept them then that puts me back to the same problem.
  7. Hi, I am on JSA and my work coach has asked me to get a mobile phone. They have stated they will pay for it but I am not happy for personal reasons (which I don''t want to share with the work coach). Since I already have a phone in the house is this something they can insist on and is there anything I can say to discourage it?
  8. Many thanks, this looks very helpful. I am currently putting together a letter of complaint detailing these issues and will use the Merlin Standard to support the more dwp-related links already posted. Would the WP guidance link also be relevant or was that related to my reimbursement question? Once I have finished my letter (later tonight hopefully) I will do as you suggested - follow the WP compaint route and also send copies to the third party provision manager and MP. I have emails addresses for all but the third party provisions manager, how do I find the email address (or regular po
  9. Many thanks for the helpful reply If I was to do this (I haven't decided if I am brave enough yet!), would I still be entitled to be reimbursed for travel money (I have to travel some distance using public transport)? If so and they refuse to pay it how would I go about getting this reimbursed?
  10. Where can I find the address (preferably email) of my local third party provision manager? Also the "withhold consent letter" - do I send this to the WP provider only and is email sufficient? Finally I am still not sure how to handle the issue with their refusing to allow me to take my partner in with me. Is there anything or combination of things that makes it clear that I can take my partner in, against their refusal, that is appropriate for WP providers? Many thanks in advance, I hope I'm not becoming a nuisance
  11. Hi, I did try this in the meeting but was told by the WP provider that the DWP information was incorrect, so I was hoping for some help for the next step, eg wording for a complaint to them/third party provisions manager/MP or anything else I should be doing. Also is there anything in black and white confirming that WP providers must follow the same rules as JCP advisers concerning bringing in a companion?
  12. So a doubt is still a possibility? I thought this had been covered by trebormoinet's link - or has this changed since Feb 2014? Also would showing the evidence be sufficient as with JCP advisors instead of their taking away a copy?
  13. Many thanks for your reply I understand this makes logical sense but is there any evidence to directly support this that I could use at it seems to be this very point that the WP provider is challenging?
  14. Hi, I might add more to this later, but I wanted to give an update following my WP meeting and ask for any more advice. The WP provider continued to refuse to allow my partner into the meeting (even having said last week that this one meeting was going to be ok) - I told them they need to contact their dwp contact but they insisted the dwp had already told them the opposite. They were going to give me a supporting document for this but this somehow got overlooked. They also stated that the advice I had received re leaving written documentation was misguided (ie I had received bad adv
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