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  1. hi there, was there any resolution or update to this please? I am experiencing a similar situation. I bought a ticket for my journey online so I have an email confirmation and a bank statement as proof of purchase for the journey I made. I boarded at Birmingham new street late in the evening and through the construction work I struggled to find the place where you print off your ticket using the confirmation email. I boarded without a ticket, the ticket inspection said he would need to issue a penalty fare but it wouldnt be a problem as I could simply print off my ticket and send it in with my proof of purchase and the matter would be resolved - I really feel misled because this was not the case, they are now demanding over £200, I have already posted them the proof of purchase and the actual printed ticket relating to the journey. Can they really take me to court for this? surely no right minded judge would fine/imprison me for this offence when I have clearly shown proof of purchase on multiple occassions - the only lacking factor was the actual printed ticket and their inspector advised me that I could take the steps as described when I reached my destination. I noticed that the authority that governs these rail matters is actually owned by the rail companies themeselves and is not independent, it all seems so dishonest I feel obliged to resist and I am unemployed now so I cant actually pay what they are asking anyway - surely we have to resist these sorts of people or there will be no end to their attempts to fleece us. thanks
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