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  1. I've been paying them directly from my bank account using the reference number. The letter states the bailiff is coming to remove goods and if I'm my there will brings lock smith.
  2. Hi Dx. the council was Hertsmere. I missed two direct debits so the debt was for the whole year roughly £1300. Yes because I was late with one payment that's what the bailiff says. I've made two payments to Phoenix so far the next is due middle of November. The payment agreement was made in Sept, it was the sept payment that was a few days late.
  3. Thanks for the reply DX. Yes I have had a letter. I do not understand why I can not continue with the original payment plan, I'm not refusing to pay my next payment is the middle of November. I just really do not want to talk to the man he is not a pleasant character at all. I tried contacting Phoenix direct and they just say talk to the bailiff.
  4. Hi I recently got into a mess with the council tax & knwo its was stupid but tried to pretend it would just go away. I had letters from Phoenix Commercial and contacted them and agreed to a £50 per month payment. I made two payments although one was a few days late. I have now had another letter dropped through my door stating payment is needed in full or the bailiff is coming back with a locksmith. I contacted the office and was told they had received both payment s but I now have to deal with the bailiff himself. I messaged him and he stated payment was expected in full, I explained I could not afford this and had no one I could borrow it from. He was quite off hand and told me he wants to talk to me today. To be honest I am too frightened to speak to him. I am quite happy to continue with the payment plan originally set up. Is there any advice or suggestions please. I know I was stupid and should have sorted this out properly before it came to this. Thank you for any help or support
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