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  1. Discontinuance Update: "By mutual consent, each party to pay own costs." That's fine by me. Will give a further update once it has gone through, is done and dusted, don't want to tempt fate. Thanks so much for all your input here.
  2. Hoping to agree to discontinuance but will have to see what the written terms are for that first..
  3. But am I right in thinking that this is only if it carries on going to court and is not discontinued with the agreement of the defendant?
  4. Not sure yet Andy, have to wait until they come across with their proposed terms in writing, have only discussed it with their solicitors so far. They may have a problem in removing the CR entry, that would mean admission that the DC put it on there.
  5. Andy, thank you, I have done a great amount of research over the past 6 months since this started, this site has been really helpful in guiding me too. Will take this on board. When it is done I hope I can give information which might help others. Small donation going in.
  6. Everything was in writing until now, when I rang them to see if they were ready to exchange witness statements because I wasn't going to let them see mine first if I could help it.
  7. Ah! The solicitor asked if WE could speak without prejudice on the phone, so I must remember that too. Thanks very much Andy.
  8. Thank you Andy, I said I will consider it but I want the entry removed from my credit file in order to agree. Can I let you know what happens if I come back to this thread again or do I start a new thread?
  9. It was fast track, we got to the stage of exchanging witness statements, but they were not ready, they said they are dropping the case. Thanks Andy
  10. Can anyone tell me what a DC means when they want to drop the case but ask if I'm willing to agree to a no costs settlement? I always denied the disputed debt and complained to them for putting entries on my credit file, the O/C never did it.
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