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  1. No, i don't know, would this be a problem? If i ignore them, do you think they will leave it? or should i propose a payment plan, because i would rather not go to court.
  2. Ok, thank you! I thought i was in serious trouble here but from what i have seen and what you have said it seems that this 'Harland's" Company is very dodgy in its methods.
  3. So you think its best not to ignore this and set up a payment plan?
  4. It was 12 month yes, But the cost of the 12 month contract is £120, they want me to pay £240. And yes.
  5. Yes it is more than a month ago, about 4 or 5 months ago.
  6. Well it was in the gym but it was done on the computer by the receptionist.
  7. i had to click something saying "i accept" and i had a direct debit and i missed one.
  8. Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Stoke. What was your situation?
  9. I had an account with Xcercise4Less and i missed one payment because i was on holiday, When i got back i found i had all these charges on my account that made up to around £60. Obviously i didn't want to pay this, so i called them up and contacted them and they allowed me to make a new account with the charges on the old account being dropped. However a few weeks later i started receiving letters from Harlands saying i had to pay, i tried to phone them but they didn't answer after trying them a couple of times. So i just left it. I have now received
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