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  1. It was at the end of January 14 & I gave 30 days notice before the final payment.
  2. The banks systems are down so I can't action anything tonight but the Lady said I had grounds to raise an indemnity claim.
  3. Ah gutted, I wish I had waited for your reply but unfortunately I buckled and called them & paid £39.98 X2 monthly fees of £9.99 and a £20 admin charge with the assurance that that was the matter resolved. I guess I just didn't want it hanging over my head. In answer to your questions; Yes it was 12/02/15 that the email was sent, I have kept copies & my 12 monthly payment was on 15/03/15! I also emailed again on 09/04/15. kicking myself now, feel as though they've won. I will contact my bank regarding DD scheme.
  4. I think you've confused my post with someone else's. The contract was 12 months.
  5. It's a joke isn't it? I've offered to pay September and October membership fees of £9.99 if they will cancel my membership and consider the matter resolved. I'll let you know what they say.
  6. Good morning, I originally joined xercise4less in January 14 after a phone call from a sales person. I was reluctant but they talked me round by offering two months for free & £9.99 a month there after. Even though the gym was 18 miles from my home I niaevely agreed to become a member. I didn't/haven't used the facilities once & in February I emailed the operations manager asking to cancel my membership but received no reply. I left it until April and sent another request to cancel via but again didn't get a response. In September I noticed they were still taking the amount
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