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  1. Hi guys, in January of this year we ordered a large piece of sporting equipment from an online company worth approximately £1200 The equipment was manufactured and apparently delivered to the school where it was to be stored in June. However at the beginning of the school year in September, we went to storage cages and it could not be found. In fact the school had no record of there ever being a delivery. We asked for proof of delivery from the company they replied back with 'proof of delivery' which contained the date and time of delivery along with the signature of someone called 'Daniel'. It turns out that the equipment was found in the middle of the school car park and there is no one working at the school called 'Daniel'. We believe that the delivery driver could not be bothered to find someone to accept the parcel, dumped it in the car park and then signed off on it himself as 'Daniel'. We're happy to have the equipment now frankly I'm outraged that it was left abandoned in an uncovered car park and that the driver most likely signed off on it himself. Is there anything we can do about this apart from complain to the company?
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