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  1. Thanks for the positive information. I am in the process of contacting my housing management company, who hired c2c and demand that these invoices be cancelled and my VRN put on a whitelist. I may appeal to the IAS just to see what they say and it will also give me more time to research other cases similar to mine. I have been told of a very good one on here in which the defendant did exactly what you are suggesting, took them to county court claiming damages for trespass and an injunction to prevent further trespass, and won. There is hope!
  2. Thank you for your advice........so would you recommend me to not appeal via the IAS and ignore any future correspondence from Capital2Coast and their solicitors/bailiffs?
  3. My worry is that the parking space isn't strictly mine as I am a leaseholder. The actual landlord is a housing management company. So i'm guessing that the parking space is not 'my' private land What some people are saying is because landlord appointed C2C to manage the carpark, I 'by parking or remaining at this site otherwise in accordance with the rules, me as the driver, are agreeing to the contractual terms' (quote from signs) Let me state i'm not sure if I ticked the 'driver' box on the appeal form (can't remember sorry)
  4. I like your way of thinking but It is my understanding that the cost must be over £100 for a section 75 claim to be valid
  5. Thanks very much for your advise, it sounds very positive and encouraging. Am I right in thinking that I should compile an email or letter to demand my original £60 back that I paid in August? even before I lodge my appeal with the IAS? which they state must be submitted within 21 days I also noticed on the signs dotted around the car park it states by using this car park I have entered into a contract with C2C
  6. Sorry.....fixed charge notice. I paid the original so would class that as a fine
  7. Thanks for your reply.....the PPC is (Capital2Coast Parking Management).
  8. Thank you for your reply.....They are from a PPC (Capital2Coast Parking Management). I would love to say I could counter claim but asking around when I first received the original ticket I'm not sure if that is possible as I am not the freeholder, merely a leaseholder. And therefore don't strictly own the parking space. The landlord (housing association I believe) are the ones who entered into a contract with this company for the management of the carpark. I therefore have to abide by the car park rules.
  9. Hi everybody, This is my first time on here, other posts look really helpful so I thought I would give it a go I'll try keep this short as poss I live in a block of flats with underground parking. In July this year I received a £60 FCN on my windscreen It had basically fallen too far down my windscreen so less than half was showing. I appealed (1st appeal), lost, then reluctantly paid the discounted fine of £60 Case closed I thought......oh no! This week I received through the post two seperate FCNs for the week prior to my first offence both stating, as with the original,
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