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  1. Hi dx, I have changed my address recently and informed the bank but PRA Group are writing to me to my old address. To be on the safe side should I subscribe to Experian to check my credit files incase and extend the redirection of my mail which is currently expiring. Thank you for your help dt
  2. Thank you dx. I will write to them informing them that the debt is statute barred and not to harass me.
  3. Hi Slick, This is also a barclaycard but a mastercard. The original thread was for visa. Original default for both was in 2007. both are statute barred. Barclays had aplogised for the error and removed visa default from my credit files. Suddenly PRA group are chasing me for the mastercard. I am worried that they won't try to put something on my credit file. Thank you dt
  4. I need some advise from the members of CAG please. I have received Statement of Accounts from PRA Group for a statute barred Barclaycard Mastercard debt. They are offering me a discount of 90% and asking me to pay them 10% only. It says settlement valid until 03/03/2017. This debt does not show on my credit files. Please advise if I should reply to them and inform them that the debt is statute barred. Thank you for your help
  5. Thank you dx but I am worried. I am buying a house and Mortgage has been approved. If by any chance they put this on my credit files even temporarily my mortgage will be refused. I have already paid a nonrefundable deposit.
  6. Yes I have the barclaycard letter apologising for the error and promising to contact MKDP to remove the default. The default was removed from my files in March 2016. I am going to send this barclaycard letter to Robinson way and ask them to stop harassing me. is it a good idea to send the Barclaycard apology letter to Robinson way? As always your advise is very valuable to me.
  7. Dear Members, I have received a letter from Robinson way threatening to issue a county court judgement, send a report to credit reference agency and try to contact me at my work regarding Barclaycard if I don't contact them. Barclaycard had asked MKDP to remove the default from my credit file which MKDP has removed but now I am getting letter from Robinson way chasing the same debt and asking to contact them. I thought MKDP and Robinson way were the same lot so how come a default removed by MKDP is being chased by Robinson way. Please advise. Thank you
  8. Thank you for your help site team and members. I have made a small donation to consumer action group. I am sure that CAG will help many more people like me. dt100
  9. Thank you Martin. I hope you have written to them again to remind them. After writing to me once BC stop contacting me so wrote to them again to remind them. Then they started sending me regular updates about my case. Wish you all the best. I will keep you posted.
  10. I was notified that my BC debt has been transferred to H2HP Ltd and Robbinson Way will be collecting on their behalf. Now Barclaycard will be contacting MKDP to remove the default. Am I right in thinking that MKDP & H2HP are same group?
  11. Thank you fkofilee. Donation was always on my mind. I will make a donation soon
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