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  1. Thank you, that will be my course of action but once I googled Anglian a few times I noticed many people have been in similar situations and got spooked! I know their reputation isn't the best on certain aspects, but their product seems to be good so will continue to pursue.
  2. All – thanks in advance for any help on this one……. I have a potential issue with Anglian windows on the basis that I signed a contract with them for an Orangery which was based on the design we completed with the salesman at the time, and based on a visual representation at the time. When we moved to the next stage with the surveyor the design was significantly different to what we agreed on his plans so we didn’t agree them. I am now worried that they will expect us to take on the new inferior design, or pay the 25% cancellation cost (£7500) as we are out of the 14 day cooling off period.
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