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  1. Since 2007 she has had 14 different Companies. Of these 8 says that they have been dissolved. I don't know if an insolvency practitioner was involved; I think she closed them as she opened another. Against 3 of those dissolved it says that there is adverse information. Of the 6 that she currently has, she has CCJ's against 2 of them plus the one that we have just got making 3, 1 has a proposal to strike off against it; 1 of the Companies is registered as a Sole Trader and 1 is the new Company that she has recently opened (August 2015). I personally think her intention is to close the busi
  2. Thank you. It is worth a chat to an HCEO to get their view but do the assets ie vans, equipment have to be registered specifically to the business we supposedly worked for eg we carried work out for xxxxxxxxxxx Cleaning UK Ltd but there were other contractors working for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Cleaning Services Ltd (not included full Company names as not sure what can be put on forums) both obviously the same Company under the same Director but with separate Company registration numbers. I am guessing that all of her assets she will now say belongs to the new cleaning business she h
  3. Thank you Unclebulgaria for your quick reply. There have been a couple of striking off notices in the Gazette. I don't fully understand the process, but the solicitor linked to the debt collection agency we were using applied for this to be suspended pending court action. At the minute there isn't anything against them in the Gazette. We have considered elevating enforcement of the CCJ to the HCOF but, as their registered office is their new accountants, I don't see where they can go. I do know the home address of the Director, which is their office address, but I am unsure if th
  4. Hello. I am new to this forum but was hoping there may be someone who could offer some advice with regards a Limited Company we carried out work for. This Company is a cleaning company specialising in industrial cleaning. We are a small Ltd Company. Ordinarily we would not have carried out work for this Company but was approached by another client of ours who asked us if we would help them out as they had instructed another contractor to carry out some refurbishment works on a 3rd party premises, and they had not completed it to their satisfaction (that was what we were told although now,
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