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  1. thank you, I totally agree just not sure what I do or how...I have over night to decide and they know that tomorrow I have my histology results - this has all happened in the past few weeks regarding my health and I have taken no time off work despite lots of bleeding etc......I made the bully complaint the day before my diagnoses - I agreed the informal approach but then after confirmed in email I wanted the formal approach as I have email evidence she mocked my complaint - the next day I had an operation - not planned - so have not made the formal complaint - im scared about finances, if I h
  2. oh I agree, the stress will kill me especially given my health - but I have a very specialist job I have 15 years experience - very hard to get the same income doing other jobs
  3. 4 factor may help....a)I have a disability with my vision - they have catered for this, 2)I was told last week I may have cancer, work know I get the results from the biopsy tomorrow 3)I made a complaint my manager is a bully, I am not the first to have done this 4)I passed my probation so cant be that rubbish?
  4. Failure by the Employer to follow a contractual disciplinary procedure can also amount to wrongful dismissal. - I was given 2 month spay is I accept the sacking, the weird part is the option to take 4 months and leave? why are they doing this, what are they scared of? as I said, there was no warning or investigation or discussion....
  5. I am not in a union, I need to know if I have a legal case? I have done nothing, no warnings, glowing reviews, out of blue following complaint of bullying?
  6. my probation is 6 months and I passed with glowing colours
  7. I am disabled, but this was nothing to do with it - im almost blind in one eye, but not related to sacking
  8. but I did nothing wrong other than make a complaint about my boss?
  9. thank you I have just joined so didn't realise it was in wrong place x
  10. please can anyone help me, At 6.50pm today (20/10/15) I was sacked on the spot - no warning, investigation or suspension. I have been there for 13 months, I have done nothing wrong. I made a complaint that my line manager was bullying me 2 weeks ago - then out of the blue I am sacked for lacking the skills to do the job? no warning, capability or ever has this been brought to my attention before. Do I have any rights? I have been offered 2 options and have until 7pm tomorrow (21/10/15) to decide. a) be sacked with 2 months pay, or b) resign with 4 months pay. there is no rep
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